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EU official says no deal so far on export trade talks
East African states are yet to strike a trade deal on the Economic Partnership Agreement after the European Union said the proposals made by the council of ministers were inadequate.
GCC builds up its Asia strategy
MoU with South Korea can be leveraged into something significant, including a free trade agreement
TTIP chief negotiators address regulatory concerns
When it comes to chemical regulations, there will be no harmonisation, just cooperation, the TTIP negotiators say.
US trade deal won’t change rules on ’toxic’ chemicals, EU says
The European Union is seeking to contain a new complaint that a trade deal with the United States would undermine Europe’s protection against dangerous chemicals, eager to avoid another front of resistance to the world’s biggest trade accord.
TTIP: the Al Jazeera debate
To mark this week’s seventh round of negotiations towards TTIP, the EU-US treaty that threatens to undermine our democracy, our jobs and our public services for ever, Al Jazeera hosted a live debate in its Washington DC studio to explore exactly what is at risk.
Guide to the world’s biggest free trade deal – the economic partnership agreements between the EU and Africa
ECDPM has released a ‘Frequently asked questions’ guide to the economic partnership agreements (EPAs) between the EU and Africa.
Flower farms warn of mass relocation over Economic Partnership Agreement impasse
Flower farms in Naivasha are now warning of mass relocation to either Ethiopia or Tanzania in the wake of the collapse of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) talks.
Washington court rules in Hungary’s favor in cancelled casino investment case
An ICSID arbitration panel rules in favour of Hungary against US/Israeli investors seeking €300 million in compensation for a failed casino project.
FTA between Hong Kong, China and Chile to enter into force later this month
The free trade agreement between Hong Kong, China and Chile will enter into force on October 9, 2014, a government spokesperson said today (October 3).
Abbott’s line in sand on China FTA
Australia is prepared to walk away from a much touted free trade agreement (FTA) with China unless there are major last-minute concessions on farm products, according to well-placed government sources.
Asean free trade agreement review shows India ’got almost nothing’
Barely a month after the government sealed the trade pact in services and investments with the Asean, an internal assessment of the deal that has been placed before the Cabinet Secretariat concludes that India has got “almost nothing” by signing the agreement.
L’accord d’association UE-Ukraine contient-il des OGM ?
Un récent rapport de l’Oakland Institute révèle que l’accord d’association conclu entre l’Union européenne et l’Ukraine encouragerait cette dernière à recourir aux OGM, jusqu’à présent interdits sur son territoire. Si c’était effectivement le cas, l’Ukraine – deuxième exportateur mondial de céréales et détentrice de 22 % des terres arables d’Europe – deviendrait un véritable eldorado pour les semenciers internationaux. Alors – vrai ou faux ?
Corporations get lots, Canadians get little in CETA trade deal
The Harper government’s projected economic gains from the EU-Canada trade pact were calculated by a computer model based on a series of assumptions that are "not remotely realistic."
New report takes on Obama administration defense of ISDS
The Obama administration’s precarious justifications for the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) regime may determine the fate of the transatlantic free trade agreement, said Public Citizen.
Leaked TTIP draft for chemicals sector reveals a toxic partnership
A leaked restricted access text for the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) from August 2014 from the European Commission confirms that negotiations continue to favour business interests over the protection of citizens’ health and of the environment.
EU-US FTA (TTIP) - draft EU chemicals offer (Sep 2014)
as leaked by CIEL
US-Japan trade talks hit new farm exports snag
A Japanese government source said US negotiators staged a "hostage-taking" by suddenly threatening not to lift tariffs on Japanese auto parts unless Tokyo met US demands on agriculture.
S. Korea, Vietnam push to strike free trade deal this year
President Park Geun-hye said Thursday that South Korea and Vietnam agreed to make aggressive efforts to conclude a free trade agreement within this year as the two countries seek to further strengthen their ties.
Opposing sides on investor question face off at US-EU trade talks
Groups opposed to a clause of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership that they say is overly favorable to investors took their complaints to negotiators Wednesday outside Washington.
Business and NGOs divided over TTIP regulatory cooperation
While EU and US negotiators are meeting this week in Washington, business groups and civil society organisations have released contradictory statements about regulatory cooperation in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.