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Iceland agrees with CJEU, excludes Western Sahara from trade deal
All four members states of the EFTA free trade association conclude in the same way as the Court of Justice of the European Union. Goods from Western Sahara cannot be inluded in free trade agreements with Morocco.
RCEP talks could affect startups by allowing patenting of computer software
Several startups and civil society members fought hard over the last year to prevent the allowing of software patents in India.
Trade unions sound alarm over FTAs; say hitting economy
Raising concerns over trade negotiations with regional blocs like RCEP, trade unions have asked the government to stop all talks for free trade pacts while asserting that such pacts are hurting the country’s economy.
British Vestey Group wins $100m battle with Venezuela over cattle ranches
Government ordered to pay compensation after Hugo Chávez nationalised British beef company’s landholdings.
China, India show their hands on investor access
New Zealand trade officials have seen offers on terms for investment access for the first time from a number of Asian nations, including China, in negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
RCEP - draft investment chapter (October 2015)
As leaked by KEI
RCEP draft text for investment chapter, October 16, 2015 version
Overall, the investment chapter is designed to give private parties the right to extract costly damages from governments that implement policies that harm profits.
Public procurement could be next TTIP deal breaker
As EU-US negotiators prepare for a new round of transatlantic trade talks in New York next week, officials fear TTIP might run into a new brick wall: Public procurement.
Maori leaders dismiss TPP at Northland hui
Northlanders delivered on being the most raucous opponents to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, during a Government jaunt to Whangarei to promote the deal.
TTIP investment court ‘incompatible with human rights’
The EU’s new investment court is no more consistent with fundamental rights than the previous investor-state dispute settlement system, according to a UN human rights expert.
Gov’t abandons plans for TPP ratification during current Diet session
The government and ruling parties have given up on passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade pact and related bills during the current ordinary Diet session.
Dutch court overturns $50 billion ruling against Russia in Yukos case
In a major victory for the Russian government, a Dutch court overturned an award of more than $50 billion to former shareholders of the defunct oil company Yukos.
New threat against affordable medicines in trade negotiations with India and ASEAN
Access to affordable medicines could be severely restricted for millions of people around the world under the current proposals in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade agreement?
RCEP - draft IP chapter (15 Oct 2015 version)
As published by KEI
RCEP: The other closed-door agreement to compromise users’ rights
A secretive trade agreement currently being negotiated behind closed doors could lay down new, inflexible copyright standards across the Asia-Pacific region. If you are thinking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, think again—we’re talking about the lesser-known Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). While RCEP doesn’t include the United States, it does include the two biggest Asian giants that the TPP omits—China and India.
Press Release: RCEP Asia’s mega-regional FTA means mega impact for people in India and the region
As the 12th round of trade negotiations for the RCEP commence in Perth (Australia) from 22 April onwards, several civil society organisations in India have raised concerns around transparency and possible negative impacts on several issues ranging from access to medicines, tax policy, investor rights and farmers access to seeds.
Investment Court System put to the test
New EU proposal will perpetuate investors’ attacks on health and environment.
Europe’s regulations at risk
On Friday, April 22, President Barack Obama is joining other world leaders in signing the Paris climate accord. But on the following Monday, April 25, Obama will meet with European leaders to promote the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
Farming risks being used as bargaining chip in EU trade deals
Concern is mounting that agriculture could be used as a bargaining chip in two large free-trade deals currently being negotiated by the EU.
Kelsey claims Government seeking to stymie Waitangi Tribunal report on TPPA
The Government has given the Waitangi Tribunal just three weeks to produce its report on a claim brought by prominent Maori that the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement violates the Crown’s obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi.