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No FTA Newsletter
In the Newsletter Metal Workers Enter General Strike Police Trying to Arrest Two Co-Chairs of Korean Alliance
Police seek arrest warrants for two anti-FTA protesters
Police said Tuesday they have sought arrest warrants for two protest leaders in connection with illegal street demonstrations.
S Korean farmers denounce FTA with US
Thousands of South Korean farmers rallied Wednesday to denounce a free trade agreement with the United States, as officials from the two sides prepared to discuss amending the hard fought deal ahead of its expected signing later this month.
Korean, US workers challenge trade pact
Responding to intense and widespread opposition from both US and Korean workers, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers is trying to stop the Bush government’s proposed "free trade" pact with South Korea.
Open Letter To Meatco
The undersigned organisations would like to express their serious concern with regard to Mr Wallie Roux, internationally renowned economic analyst with Meatco Namibia, who has been suspended and faces a disciplinary hearing (with the possible result of his dismissal) for publishing articles critical of the negotiations with the European Union (EU) over the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA’s).
Japanese farmers protests Australia FTA
More than 1,000 Japanese farmers have held a protest rally in the centre of Tokyo over a proposed free trade agreement with Australia.
Anti-CAFTA leaders launch offensive
Leaders of the National Coordinator for the Fight Against CAFTA announced plans yesterday to hold demonstrations outside the Supreme Court, the Supreme Elections Tribunal, and the Legislative Assembly on Thursday.
S Korean autoworkers threaten Hyundai, Kia with partial strikes to protest U.S. trade pact
Workers at South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co. and its affiliate Kia Motors Corp. will stage partial strikes this month to protest a proposed free trade agreement between South Korea and the U.S., labor unions at the two companies said Tuesday.
International signature campaign against EFTA FTAs
The member states from the European Free Trade Association EFTA (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) are increasingly negotiating bilateral free trade agreements with developing countries. In 2007, they strive to enter into negotiations with Peru, Colombia, India and Indonesia. Plese join this signature campaign to stop them.
People’s forum on the Korea-US free trade agreement
A people’s forum in Washington DC on the impact of the KorUS FTA — and what we need to do
June 11th in DC: People’s Forum on the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement
Monday, June 11th, a free People’s Forum on the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement will be held in Washington DC - All are welcome!
Colombia: teachers and students in national mobilization
Some 250,000 Colombian teachers and students and their supporters held marches on May 30 to protest a proposed Law of Transferences and a National Development Project (PND) that they say will cut funding for education and teachers’ pensions, as well as a "free trade" agreement (FTA, or TLC in Spanish) with the US.
Declaration of Andean and Latin American social movements on the EU-CAN Association Agreement
The movements and social organizations of Bolivia, countries of the Andean region and of Latin America feel deeply concerned about the consequences that an Association Agreement between the Community of Andean Nations (CAN) and the European Union (EU) could have for our peoples, which in its trade component includes a Free Trade Agreement, very similar to the FTAA (ALCA) that we buried only recently.
Manila militants urge incoming senators to reject Philippine-Japan trade pact
Manila-based militant group Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamalakay ng Pilipinas on Tuesday urged incoming senators to reject the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement, which they described as the "second Japanese occupation of the Philippines."
Churches reject Economic Partnership Agreements
Catholic and other churches in Kenya are opposed to Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) currently being negotiated between developing countries and the European Union.
Mass demonstrations in Colombia
Hundreds of thousands of Colombians joined the national strike in a score of cities on Wednesday to protest against the US-Colombia free trade agreement and Uribe’s neoliberal policies, and to support public education.
Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement - A bad deal should be stopped
A Joint Statement from Australian and Japanese people
Mexican workers call for a continental workers’ campaign for living wages and social justice
A coalition of Mexican unions has now proposed a strategy of struggle that could open up the door to a more class-wide and continental approach to union and workers’ struggles, starting in the three NAFTA countries.
FDCL alert: European free trade onslaught in Latin America
European Union endorses highly dangerous negotiation mandates for free trade areas with Central America and the Andean Community
AfroColombians oppose free trade agreement
Ana Valencia still tries to eke out a living as a miner in the hills near the headwaters of Colombia’s Rio Salvajina. Her sisters are gone now to the nearest city of Cali, where they work as domestics. She’s having a hard time hanging on.