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Hyderabad: NGOs hold protest against RCEP talks
NGOs from across the country protested in Hyderabad against the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership talks being held in Hyderabad.
Women up in arms against Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
At a rally held in Hyderabad, women from different parts of India marched along with other marginalised communities to protest the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
People’s groups demand a halt to RCEP talks
People’s groups from across the country converged in Hyderabad from July 22-26 to unanimously reject the RCEP.
Women farmers take out rally to oppose RCEP free trade agreement
Women from different parts of India marched along with other marginalised communities to protest the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the mega Free Trade Agreement which is currently being negotiated in India.
Wine and the Canada-Israel free trade agreement
Two weeks ago the worst fear of Canadian opponents of neoliberal ‘free trade’ agreements came true. Surprisingly, there has been almost no reaction from the political parties, unions, and other organizations that warned these agreements would be used to undermine Canadian law, even though this is exactly what happened.
Protests commence before global ASEAN meet
Meet witnesses fiery speeches from grassroots workers.
Who benefits from RCEP - the world’s largest free trade agreement?
This video highlights various critical aspects of RCEPs corporate agenda.
Trumping NAFTA: Free trade versus democratic planning
The struggle against NAFTA, and neoliberalism more broadly, must address struggles over the state.
Cold reception to RCEP as people’s resistance consolidates
At a press conference held today in New Delhi, researchers and academics expressed concern about the likely impact of RCEP on areas like agriculture, services, access to medicines, investment and e-commerce, flagging the growing popular rejection of this mega-regional FTA
Show support for people’s protest at RCEP talks in India
Support farmers, workers and communities protesting TPP-like proposals on seeds, medicines, services and corporate powers to sur governments in Hyderabad!
Call for solidarity and participation! People’s summit against FTAs and RCEP
22-26 July 2017. Hyderabad, India.
’Don’t make decisions about us, without us’
Free trade agreements scripted by powerful governments and corporations destroy rural areas. Peasants will resist them!
No RCEP Campaign: Stop trading away human rights
The ’No RCEP’ campaign urges governments to consider the adverse impact of the mega free trade agreement
Italy’s farmers ’demonizing’ Canadian wheat in bid to protect domestic industry
Mobilized by the largest agricultural organization in Europe, the farmers converged to turn up the heat on Italian politicians faced with ratifying the controversial Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA.
Gabriel: you can always ask but it doesn’t mean we will let you get it!
With Gabriel Resources seeking US$4.4 billion in damages, Alburnus Maior, a prospective amicus curiae in the arbitration case, announces that it aims to file its brief to the ICSID Tribunal until September 2018 at the latest.
Trade politics in flux: what social movement responses?
Instead of settling for more “inclusive” brands of capitalism, we ought to reclaim and build a clear and radical political and economic vision.
Six years after the ‘Aymarazo’ protests in Peru
Criminal charges pending against 18 community leaders and a billion-dollar court case at ICSID.
As NAFTA hearings open, more than 100,000 petitions delivered and 50,000 public comments filed demanding a new deal to benefit working people, not just corporations
Unprecedented public response to administration request for comment spotlights political stakes of NAFTA renegotiation.
Political declaration of the encounter of social organizations of Canada, United States and Mexico
The participants in the Encounter of Social Organizations of Canada, the United States and Mexico, facing the likely prospect of renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), condemn this model which has seriously affected national development in a manner contrary to the interests of our peoples, the environment, and our democratic system.
Interview with Yvonne Takang
Yvonne Takang has been campaigning and lobbying against Economic Partnership Agreements in Cameroon at the Association Citoyenne de Défense des Intérêts Collectifs