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China, Botswana agree to promote ties to higher level
Speaking of the Belt and Road Initiative, China welcomes Botswana’s participation in and support to the infrastructure and trade framework.
Botswana signs tripartite free trade area agreement
Botswana signed a tripartite free trade area agreement which marked a milestone in the trade agenda of the African Union.
EU wins the battle for reciprocal trade access in Africa
The six African countries threatened with losing access to the European single market have finally agreed to sign the EU’s Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). But the continent’s regional integration may suffer as a result. EurActiv France reports.
Brexit might trigger EPA revision
The recent vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union might lead to the renegotiation of the recently signed Economic Partnership Agreement, creating uncertainty for Botswana
Brussels to end preferential trade access for uncooperative African countries
The EU plans to raise the pressure on six African countries to implement controversial free trade agreements by putting an end to their preferential access to the EU market.
Southern Africa: Botswana - Angola may join free trade zone in 2017
Angola will join the Free Trade Zone of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) in 2017, if the country takes the necessary steps
Botswana, EU discuss EPA negotiations progress
Botswana Minister of Trade and Industry Vincent Seretse has met with European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Mamstrom in Gaborone to discuss the finalisation of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations between the EU and the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
SACU: Dead man walking?
Late last year, the African cyberspace was buzzing with rumours that the region’s oldest trade agreement, the Southern African Customs Union or SACU was about to be finally killed off by South Africa. From Windhoek to Cape Town to Mbabane, trade policy wonks were debating what the most recent moves from Pretoria regarding SACU really meant.
Botswana dodges a bullet in EPA talks
Botswana has escaped the imposition of an amendment which would have charged higher duties on the country’s exports to the European Union after 2014 thereby dealing a deathblow to local sectors such as agriculture, minerals and manufacturing.
Zimbabwe: Mashakada decries ’infruitful’ Bippas
Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister Tapiwa Mashakada has decried the lack of positive outcomes from the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements Zimbabwe has signed with a number of countries.
Botswana stands to lose billions in SACU revenues
The global economic crisis, along with other evolving structural factors within SACU, could cut a P5-billion permanent hole in revenues that Botswana receives from the customs union, the IMF estimates.
Is regional integration mere rhetoric?
The song of Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional integration is sung so loudly that even the deaf can hear it. But my recent experience in Windhoek, Namibia tends to prove that the reality on the ground does not match the rhetoric.
Key deadline looms in EPA talks
A market access regulation giving SADC states, including Botswana, duty and quota-free access to the European Union is expected to elapse soon, potentially squeezing the affected states out of the world’s biggest market for beef, minerals, textiles and other products.
More time needed for EPA talks - Motlhale
Ahead of the August round of negotiations between the SADC EPA group and the EU, the Acting President of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Parliamentary Assembly says the region should be afforded more time to reach a final decision on a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.
National body to monitor flood of imports
The Ministry of Trade and Industry is in the process of establishing a national body under the 2002 Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Agreement.
Botswana in fragile balancing act at EPA talks
Botswana has emerged as the dealmaker in the contentious Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations aimed at finding middle ground between the European Union on one side and South Africa, Namibia and Angola on the other.
Private sector taps into EU’s P185m fund
The Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM) as well as the Botswana Exporters and Manufacturers Association (BEMA), are positioning themselves to tap into the P185 million capacity building facility made available through the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union.
Cautionary note on EPAs
Government deserves commendation on the various programmes it has embarked on to diversify the economy away from mining especially diamonds. Such strategies include inter alia 1) the setting up of BEDIA to attract foreign direct investments (FDIs) thus facilitating the growth of the manufacturing sector. 2) The IFSC model which I am highly convinced was a well thought out model considering the geographical situation of this country and of course its population.
SA to give BLS nations ultimatum on EPAs
In the latest twist of events, South Africa is reported to have ‘changed tunes’ and has decided to let Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland (BLS) ratify their interim Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the European Union (EU).
EU signs interim trade deal with 3 S African countries
The European Union signed an interim trade deal on Thursday with the Southern African countries of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.