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Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa

Private sector firms join push for AfCFTA agenda
Private sector lobbies in Africa’s six regional trading blocs have formed the African Business Council, a continental umbrella body to spearhead the business agenda for the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
Central Africans express mixed reactions to continental free trade area
Analysts and businesspeople in the six-member Central African Economic and Monetary Community say that although the African Continental Free Trade Area brings hope for pan African trade, they are not sure CEMAC will be fully implemented anytime soon.
Mise à niveau : Un rempart contre la disparition des entreprises locales
Depuis la ratification par le Cameroun, le 22 juillet 2014 de l’accord de partenariat économique avec l’Union Européenne les petites et moyennes entreprises camerounaises sont menacées par le spectre de déflagration.
Interview with Yvonne Takang
Yvonne Takang has been campaigning and lobbying against Economic Partnership Agreements in Cameroon at the Association Citoyenne de Défense des Intérêts Collectifs
The huge dumping of extra-EU exports of dairy products and to the EPAs of West Africa, SADC, CEMAC and EAC in 2016
The EU has been pressuring the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) to sign and implement EPAs that would be destructive for these countries.
CEMAC invites European Union to re-join negotiations on Economic Partnership Agreement
The CEMAC ministers decided not to adhere to the stage Agreement as is, and to continue negotiating for a complete regional EPA.
CEMAC losses of customs duties with the EU28-UK EPA
This paper assesses the CEMAC customs duty losses on its imports from the EU-28 minus the United Kingdom after the Brexit on the basis of EU28-UK exports in 2015 and of the liberalization programming provided for by the EPA.
Cameroon goes it alone with controversial EU trade deal, angers regional partners
Many in Cameroon and the wider region worry that the unilateral signing of an Economic Partnership Agreement was a bad decision.
Cameroon starts implementing economic pact with European Union
Cameroon’s government said it has begun implementing an interim economic pact with the European Union that will lead to the reciprocal reduction of trade barriers.
CEMAC calls for a ’fair and balanced’ economic agreement with the EU
Central African States have reaffirmed their commitment to accelerate the negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU).
Guide to the world’s biggest free trade deal – the economic partnership agreements between the EU and Africa
ECDPM has released a ‘Frequently asked questions’ guide to the economic partnership agreements (EPAs) between the EU and Africa.
EU, Cemac Disagree Over Trade Accord
A split has erupted among big economic operators in Cameroon as to whether or not government should respect the dateline of December 31, 2007, to sign the free trade Economic Partnership Accord between the European Union, EU, and some African, Caribbean and Pacific, ACP, countries.
Central Africa steps back from signing EPA, asks EU for preference extension
Prospects for an Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and eight Central African countries became even more uncertain on 29 October, when Central African ministers pulled back from signing a deal, saying too much work still needed to be done in terms of negotiating specific trade concessions and related development aid.
Concluding the Economic Partnership Agreements: prospects and challenges for the Central Africa (CEMAC) regional negotiating group
On Monday 16 July 2007, EU and CEMAC Negotiators met in Yaounde to advance on the EPA negotiations. On the sideline of the meeting was a public manifestation by CSOs of the region to rise public awareness and especially that of the EU Negotiators on the likely impacts on EPAs on the development prospects of the region.
CEMAC, whither to with EPAs?
"These are not free trade agreements in the way anyone understand them. They are development tools, trade and Aid working together to deliver sustainable growth" Peter Mandelson, EU Trade Commissioner. The above is one of the high profiled empty speeches, characteristic feature of EU trade diplomacy. When Mandelson made the above speech, I came to the conclusion that I have witnessed the highest degree of hypocrisy since I came into this planet earth.
Central African free trade en route
Four of the six member states of CEMAC — Cameroon, Chad, the Central African Republic and Congo Brazzaville — this weekend decided to fast-track plans to establish a regional free trade zone.