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Turkey, Chile set to sign free trade agreement
Turkey and Chile were set to sign a free trade agreement, Turkish State Minister Zafer Caglayan said on Monday.
Chile: Activists try to block start of Pascua Lama mine
As Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold gets ready to start construction at the Pascua Lama mine, straddling the Argentine-Chilean border, activists in Chile are scrambling to block the ambitious mining project while calling for an investigation of supposed irregularities committed in the approval process.
Chile hopes to sign FTA with Vietnam soon
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said Friday she hoped Vietnam and Chile will soon sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as the two countries have come into concurrence on many important issues during FTA negotiations.
Chile to sign trade agreement with India
Chile which favours free trade agreements with as many countries as possible to boost its overall trade volume, does not see any problem if a similar kind of trade agreement is signed with India.
5 years of free trade with Korea
On Wednesday, Korea and Chile will be celebrating the 5th anniversary since they signed the free trade agreement.
Chile, Turkey finish FTA talks
Chile and Turkey finished the last round of negotiations on a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA), announced Friday the Chilean Foreign Ministry.
Indonesia and Chile are exploring free trade agreement possibilities between the two countries
To meet the interest of Chile becoming a bridge between Asia-Pacific markets including Indonesian and South American, especially Latin America markets near to the Atlantic ocean, Indonesia and Chile are discussing the possibility of free trade agreements of both countries.
Controversy surrounds Peru-Chile free trade agreement
The Peruvian opponents’ principal argument is that Congress should have approved the FTA, as decreed by article 56 of the Constitution.
Peru-Chile free trade pact to take effect Sunday
A free trade pact between Peru and Chile will take effect this week, a sign that two of the most open economies in South America are deepening their commitment to trade to help weather the global economic crisis.
Chile FTA to open market up to meat, wine and dairy exports
The Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement is set to come into force on 6 March, 2009, allowing a host of Australian exporters a greater opportunity to enter a growing market.
Korea, Chile agree to form new multilateral FTA
President Bachelet reportedly asked her Korean counterpart to come to the negotiating table next March in Singapore, where countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Chile, Brunei, the United States, India, Peru and Australia are expected to start negotiations on a multilateral FTA. According to Korean Presidential spokesman Lee Dong-kwan, President Lee gave a positive response to the proposal.
Free trade deal set to expand-Aus wants in
The free trade agreement begun by New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and Brunei - known as the P4 - two years ago is set to expand even further with two more countries , Australia and Peru, as well as the United States wanting to join.
Chile free trade deal under fire
Australian horticulturalists have launched a scathing attack on the Federal Government following its vote to allow free trade with Chile.
Chilean govt open to forging free-trade agreement with RP
The government of Chile is open to forging some form of free-trade pact with the Philippines, seeing that Asian countries, most especially those in the Asean, would be among the major global economic growth drivers in the next few years.
Chile FTA poses horti threat
Horticulture has been the sacrificial lamb in the Chilean Free Trade Agreement, Australian industry leaders say.
Australian-Chile Free Trade Agreement - The "new freedom!"
The AC-FTA represents a new generation of Free Trade Agreements and establishes a broad level of market access. Australian companies are certain to benefit,
Australia signs free trade deal with Chile
The collapse of the World Trade Organisation talks has prompted forecasts of a proliferation of bi-lateral free trade deals, such as that signed by Australia and Chile today. Australian Trade Minister Simon Crean said the FTA is a "high-quality agreement where commitments go beyond" what each country had committed at the WTO.
Foxley arrives in Australia to sign Free Trade Agreement
Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley arrived in Sydney, Australia today, where he will attend various activities, which include the signing of a Free Trade Agreement with the nation.
Chile, Turkey end another round of FTA talks
Chile and Turkey ended the second round of negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement on Friday, the Chilean Foreign Ministry said, adding that "It’s very important to integrate the private sectors in this process, because they will take advantage of the FTA."
Chile-Uruguay sign strategic association; rap EU on migration
The Strategic Association Agreement signed by both countries promotes trade relations and cooperation in foreign affairs regarding shared principles in areas such as global trade, UN security policies and human rights.