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ACTA and TPP: The new enemies of the World Wide Web
The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) are essentially an alteration to SOPA and PIPA for the rest of the world.
ACTA protests lead EU Governments to suspend endorsement of the text
Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have announced that they will delay their endorsement of a controversial trade agreement following a tide of public protest.
ISPs targeted in Pacific trade agreement
Representatives from Australia’s internet industry have called for full disclosure of a proposed free trade agreement between the United States and its allies in the Pacific, concerned that the deal asks ISPs to shoulder onerous burdens around copyright infringement.
Anti-counterfeiting trade pact ‘99 percent’ complete
Talks on a controversial “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement” are very nearly complete, following what participating nations described as the “final” round of negotiations in Tokyo last week.
Treaty negotiators turn to “ACTA lite” in hopes of closure
Everyone you ask this week about the Anti-Counterfeiting Agreement (ACTA) tells you that they’re just about to work their way through the new draft version to understand the implications of changes made during the recent negotiation round in Washington, DC. Massive changes to the text have been revealed by yet another leak of the draft treaty text being negotiated by 10 countries and the EU 27 member states.
Q & ACTA, with Michael Geist
With the Wellington round of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) talks underway, organised opposition to the proposed treaty on intellectual property rights and enforcement is also gathering in the New Zealand capital. A brief chat with a global expert on the ACTA treaty.
ACTA not linked to free-trade agreement, say officials
Officials negotiating New Zealand’s position on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) intellectual-property treaty say they have no perspective on the separate negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Nor would they be involved in any trade-off of ACTA concessions against broader free-trading rights.
FFII calls to remove IP chapter from EU-Korea free trade agreement
The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) calls upon the EU Parliament and member states to remove the intellectual property rights chapter from the EU - Korea Free Trade Agreement.
India, ASEAN sign deal on free trade in goods
India and the 10-country Southeast Asian bloc ASEAN signed a free trade agreement on Thursday after more than six years of negotiations, but the deal did not embrace software and information technology.
Microsoft comes down squarely on side of FTA
Microsoft has called for the incoming Barack Obama administration to push ahead with ratification of the pending free trade deal with Korea, saying it "establishes a foothold for the US in Asia."
Microsoft comes down squarely on side of FTA
Microsoft has called for the incoming Barack Obama administration to push ahead with ratification of the pending free trade deal with Korea.
Oman-US FTA?
The two major areas holding up the implementation of the FTA are the liberalisation of the telecom sector and policy changes changes in the Sultanate’s software policy.
U.S. Cracks Down on Copyright
There will be more criminal prosecutions for intellectual property (IP) violations as a result of Australia’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States, according to leading IP academics.
India-Malaysia signs liberal economic cooperation contract
The Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement will enable Malaysia to expand and strengthen cooperation and collaboration activities in areas where India is advanced such as biotechnology, software development, science and education.
Free trade, the new con trick
It is two years since the US and Australia signed a so-called free trade agreement, and it is nearly 60 years since George Orwell introduced the concept of "newspeak", which describes how politicians often subvert language to make it mean the opposite of what it says.
Music case to test US-Australia FTA laws
The music industry’s legal assault on BitTorrent file sharing will provide the first major test of new laws designed to limit ISPs’ liability for copyright breaches by their customers.
Technology: China FTA more sweet than sour for tech firms
Despite concerns over piracy, New Zealand IT firms are licking their lips over free trade with China.
Net giants seek to change FTA rules
Australia’s largest internet service providers have made an 11th-hour bid to amend the free trade agreement with the US, claiming it would expose them to an avalanche of litigation.
Open source joins electioneering
Within 24 hours of a federal election being called, Communications and IT minister Helen Coonan has swapped her contentious campaign to offshore government IT services for a warm and fuzzy embrace of home-grown open source software to woo the penguin vote.
Australian Linux bodies blast US free-trade deal
Australia’s national open source industry body, OSIA (Open Source Industry Australia), and Linux Australia have spoken out about their concerns over the proposed Australian-US Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA), warning that the legal framework of the intellectual property clauses will put the entire Australian software development industry at risk.