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Economic diplomacy: Indonesian trade deals and real deals
Bilateral trade deal sceptics have criticised the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) as more of a strategic public relations document than genuine economic reform.
Educators in the EU and Japan demand education be left out of trade agreement
The agreement poses direct threats to the provision of high-quality public services, such as education, in particular through restricting governments’ capacity to regulate in the public interest, encouraging further liberalisation of services and expanding the rights of multinational corporations.
How global trade deals could impact universities
Unions and universities worry that agreements could leave them vulnerable to for-profit competition and entrench privatisation.
TiSA: Trade in Services Agreement is bad news for workers and communities
In November 2016, the International Trade union Confederation published analysis of the expected impact of TiSA on workers and service providers
Do free trade deals pose a threat to higher education?
The awareness of the threat posed to the public realm by international ‘free trade’ agreements has been heightened by the publication of new leaks and criticism from leading intellectuals.
US-EU trade agreement will make higher education ‘more commercial’
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership would subject higher education “to the commercial rules of trade agreements for the first time”, said David Robinson, consultant to Education International, the global federation of teachers’ associations and unions.
TTIP ’threatens’ European education quality, teachers say
European students and teachers demand that education be fully excluded from the EU-US free trade deal as it’s the case for the audio-visual sector and this to preserve quality.
Farms, unis welcome FTA with Chinese
National Farmers Federation president Brent Finlay says he is "excited" at the prospect of a free trade agreement with China but has urged the government not to allow "carve-outs and exclusions" in any deal.
Aus, India close to complete feasibility study on FTA
Australia and India are close to complete a feasibility study to establish a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in a wide range of areas, an Australian official said on Monday.
Education outcomes of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA
Normally the services chapter of an FTA covers movement of persons from one country to another in order to supply a service. This FTA is unusual because it contains both a chapter on trade in services and a separate chapter, and accompanying schedule of commitments, in respect of the movement of natural persons.
Teaching leaders oppose Peru-US FTA
Peru-US Free Trade Agreement, ratified by the US House of Representatives, is a mechanism of subjugation, the leader of Peruvian teaching Luis Munoz affirmed Thursday.
Colombia: teachers and students in national mobilization
Some 250,000 Colombian teachers and students and their supporters held marches on May 30 to protest a proposed Law of Transferences and a National Development Project (PND) that they say will cut funding for education and teachers’ pensions, as well as a "free trade" agreement (FTA, or TLC in Spanish) with the US.
Mass demonstrations in Colombia
Hundreds of thousands of Colombians joined the national strike in a score of cities on Wednesday to protest against the US-Colombia free trade agreement and Uribe’s neoliberal policies, and to support public education.
Teachers’ union cries foul over ministry’s FTA publications
The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development last week delivered materials to local educational offices to encourage them to promote the Korea-U.S. FTA, a move which has brought criticism from Korea’s teachers’ union, which says the move is biased and one-sided in nature.
Gov’t warns teachers union off anti-FTA classes
The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has asked provincial education offices to prevent the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union from teaching classes against the recently concluded Korea-US free trade agreement. The teachers’ union has been conducting anti-FTA classes since March 26 and posted anti-FTA class materials on its homepage.
FTA with Japan ’could hurt education sector’
The Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) could put Thailand at a disadvantage if it focuses more on competition than on co-operation in educational services, participants at a brainstorming session claimed yesterday.
Education sector to be included in FTA agenda
South Korea is poised to include a partial opening of the education market in its coming talks for a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States. The US is calling for the Korean government to open the college education market involving graduate schools and the pre-school education market involving kindergartens.
GCC-EU free trade talks make progress on issues
The European Union and the GCC wound up talks on a long stalled free trade deal yesterday without agreement on opening up the region’s lucrative services sector.
Costa Ricans march against US free trade agreement
Costa Rica University students peacefully marched to the National Assembly on Tuesday, expressing their rejection of the signing of a Free Trade Agreement with the United States.
Australian Bilateral Agreements and Higher Education
Australia is a party to a number of bilateral agreements with developing countries in the East Asian-South Pacific region. The agreements fall into two categories: comprehensive bilateral free trade agreements (BFTAs) and bilateral investment agreements (BIAs). Both types of agreements have implications for higher education, though only BFATs expressly deal with education services.