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Europe’s regulations at risk
On Friday, April 22, President Barack Obama is joining other world leaders in signing the Paris climate accord. But on the following Monday, April 25, Obama will meet with European leaders to promote the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
TPP will be toothless for environmental protection: study
Far from being a milestone for environmental protection, as claimed by the U.S. and Canadian governments, the TPP will not safeguard or promote effective environmental protection measures.
Organisations condemn Eco Oro Minerals’ warning that it could sue Colombia over efforts to protect water sources
The Canadian company’s Angostura mining project in the high-altitude wetlands, or páramo, of Santurbán, has announced that it could file an international arbitration suit against Colombia over measures to protect the páramo, which are important sources of water in the country.
What’s the problem with free trade?
Economists say that free trade allows us to take advantage of the "comparative advantages" offered by other countries. Unfortunately, low labor and environmental-protection costs are seen as a comparative advantage.
The real danger in TPP
This threat to the law and to democratic processes has no place in a 21st century trade agreement and should be removed before these agreements can be seriously considered.
TTIP vs. WTO: Who sets global standards?
TTIP’s ability to create global standards is limited. The agreement may even be detrimental to the promotion of higher social or environmental standards.
2015: a year in review on trade and the environment
In 2015, new trade and investment cases, leaks and texts all demonstrated how trade rules present a significant threat to our environment and climate.
Canadian companies behaving badly
Mining sins in poor countries are likely to get worse under Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Investment treaties and the internal vetting of regulatory proposals: a case study from Canada
The study focused on whether ISDS contributed to changes in internal vetting of government decisions related to environmental protection in the province of Ontario, Canada.
Could haze in Asia give rise to treaty claims?
The smoke haze that has engulfed Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia for two months could violate international law and be the subject of an investment treaty claim against Indonesia.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the environment: an assessment of commitments and trade agreement enforcement
Like TPP, U.S. free trade agreement (FTA) formed in the past two decades have similarly promised meaningful and enforceable labor and environmental safeguards.
Free trade: the hidden costs to our oceans and climate
With almost half of our carbon emissions and over 90 percent of our planet’s warming being absorbed by the ocean, the cheap goods on our grocery store shelves might not be such a good deal after all.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership poses a grave threat to sustainable development
It is essential that future trade deals promote human development, access to knowledge, public health, human development, and climate action.
3 Ways the TPP Will Hurt the Climate—If We Let It Pass
The Trans Pacific Partnership is in climate denial - nowhere in its more than 5,000 pages does it mention climate change.
How the Trans-Pacific Partnership will—and won’t—protect wildlife
New 12-country trade deal has protections for wildlife built in, but it’s unclear if they’ll be enforced.
Secret TPP text unveiled: it’s worse than we thought
Long-awaited text reveals gaps between Administration claims and actual TPP terms on key public concerns
Details of Trans-Pacific Partnership text finally released
The final text of a huge 12-country trade agreement has confirmed the "worst nightmares" of environmental groups, with no mention of climate change in its lone environment chapter and weak enforcement mechanisms
Lawyer claims part of new trade deal ‘creates an alternative court system’
Parts of a controversial new trade deal being negotiated between the European Union and the United States are illegal, it has been claimed.
TTIP: EU negotiators appear to break environmental pledge in leaked draft
As Miami talks wind up, environmental safeguards are ‘virtually non-existent’ in trade deal negotiating text for sustainable development, lawyers say
Powerful pesticide lobby attacks bee-saving regulations at Miami trade talks
U.S. and European Union trade negotiators appear to be actively considering adopting the agenda of chemical and pesticide industry lobbyists.