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Living off toxic trash in the Philippines
That Japan has been sending its enormous piles of e-waste to the Philippines is not a revelation, but with the enforcement of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), a wide-ranging bilateral trade agreement, critics fear the Philippines may essentially become Japan’s dumping ground.
De jeunes Canadiens sonnent l’alarme au sujet d’une entente commerciale défavorable avec l’UE
Un nouvel accord de libre-échange entre le Canada et l’Union européenne représenterait un pas en arrière dans la lutte aux changements climatiques, ce qui devrait constituer une raison suffisante pour que le gouvernement fédéral cesse les pourparlers, selon Amber Church, directrice nationale de la Coalition canadienne des jeunes pour le climat.
ECFA overlooks human rights: watchdog group
A watchdog organization yesterday accused the Taiwanese government of overlooking human rights and environmental issues while developing closer economic ties with China.
World Bank approves mining company suit against El Salvador
In a decision with implications for the national sovereignty of member states under US trade pacts, a World Bank tribunal has approved a Canadian mining company’s controversial lawsuit against the government of El Salvador.
FTA with EU stuck on non-trade barriers
Apart from trade issues, the free-trade agreement (FTA) negotiations between India and the European Union (EU) continue to be stuck over non-trade issues like human rights, child labour and environment.
Will Chevron get away with destroying the Amazon?
Litigation over the ecological disaster that is Lago Agrio has produced a decades-long narrative that rivals Finnegans Wake in complexity.
Sables bitumineux: un groupe environnemental porte le débat devant l’ALENA
Un groupe environnemental canadien porte sa lutte contre l’exploitation des sables bitumineux albertains devant le mécanisme de régulation environnementale de l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (ALENA).
Tarsands complaint goes before NAFTA watchdog
A Canadian environment group is claiming the federal government is breaking its own laws when it comes to the tar sands, and plans to take its concerns to NAFTA.
India rejects EU demand on social clauses in trade pact
India has rejected the European Union’s demand on including social clauses such as labour and environmental standards in the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA), saying there are other forums to discuss these issues.
Avatar downfall a blow for indigenous communities
In 2009, Chevron’s lobby against the renewal of preferential tariffs for Ecuador was "one of the strongest and fiercest that Ecuadorean foreign policy has ever faced."
With Avatar poised to win big at the Oscars, James Cameron should help some Na’vi right here on Earth
Cameron should put the money made from the blockbuster where it’s needed most: into indigenous communities struggling for the conservation of their land and livelihood.
Trade talks may spike proposal to ban e-waste
India’s free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with EU and Japan are likely to prevent a proposal to ban trade in electronic waste (e-waste) from being incorporated in the draft rules to be notified by the environment ministry in two months.
Spanish firms launch ICSID dispute against Mexico over stalled toxic waste disposal project
Spanish firms Abengoa, S.A. and COFIDES, S.A. have launched a claim with ICSID against Mexico over the stalled opening of a toxic waste disposal plant built by them in the municipality of Zimapán, approximately 200 kilometres north of Mexico City.
Free trade agreements may aid toxic-waste trade
As Indian negotiations for signing free trade agreements (FTAs) with trade partners such as Japan and the European Union (EU) gather momentum, so do concerns over environment and waste dumping.
Greens on FTA with Japan
Australia should not agree to a free trade agreement (FTA) with Japan unless the Asian nation stops whaling in the Southern Ocean, the Australian Greens say.
German investor launches ICSID case against Costa Rica over alleged expropriation of land near endangered turtle habitat
German investor Reinhard Unglaube, a resident of Costa Rica, has commenced arbitration against his host country over the latter’s refusal to grant the appropriate permits to extend his eco-tourist hotel complex in Playa Grande, Costa Rica.
US aims for bilateral climate change deals with China and India
Many observers say such bilateral deals risk seriously weakening any Copenhagen agreement by allowing the idea of a global limit on greenhouse gas emissions to be abandoned.
Ethical issues for future free trade talks
The free trade agreement between New Zealand, Australia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations may lead to new layers of complexity in future negotiations.
106 members of Congress introduce TRADE Act, promote a better trade model
Endorsed by more than a dozen fair trade groups, the TRADE Act would revamp US trade policy.
Goldcorp loses bid for $50 mln NAFTA compensation
A unit of Goldcorp has lost a bid to get $50 million in compensation after a US trade tribunal rejected claims the gold miner’s operations were hampered by environmental regulations