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French leftist lawmakers take EU-Canada free trade deal to court
More than 100 French left-wing lawmakers decided to appeal to the country’s Constitutional Council to block a contentious free trade deal between the European Union and Canada.
Grenoble accueille les 2e rencontres paneuropéennes des villes contre TAFTA-CETA-TISA
Alors que le CETA vient d’être ratifié par le Parlement européen, Grenoble organise samedi, après Barcelone, les 2e Rencontres paneuropéennes des villes contre TAFTA - CETA – TISA,
Data flow in trade agreements
The French Government calls on the European Commission to adopt an open and innovation-friendly data flow system while preserving European interests in trade agreements
‘Strange’ manoeuvering over CETA exposes democratic deficit
French lawmakers are continuing their battle against the EU’s free trade deal with Canada (CETA).
French MPs decide not to block CETA
The French parliament’s European affairs committee has rejected a resolution calling on France to block the ratification of CETA, just days before Prime Minister Manuel Valls is due to visit Canada.
TTIP: Negotiations ‘in the void’
Negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are forging ahead, despite opposition from a number of countries.
France, joining Germany, urges halt to Transatlantic trade talks
Current Transatlantic trade talks should be halted and a new set started, France’s trade minister said.
Shameless attempt to quietly institutionalise ISDS throughout Europe
A new leak reveals that 5 EU member states are proposing to introduce investor-to-state dispute settlement for all cross-border investments within the EU.
Making the case for a French “agricultural carve out”
We need to reconstruct a law that takes into account the particularities of the agricultures that we want to preserve on the model of cultural exception.
French court rules in favor of Russia’s Roscosmos in Yukos assets seizure case
Russian space agency Roscosmos has won a court action in France concerning $700 million in payments owed to the company, which were seized by French authorities.
France seizes $ 1 billion in Russian state assets
France has seized $700 million in Russian state assets at the initiative of former Yukos shareholders.
France seeks guarantees for national sovereignty in adoption of TTIP
Paris has argued that the transatlantic trade deal should have to be approved by the EU’s national parliaments before it can take effect, not just the European institutions.
Farmers fear for their future as new TTIP round opens
As negotiators prepare for the 12th round of TTIP talks, the crisis in French agriculture is compounding the sector’s fears over the trade deal.
This secret UK-Eurotunnel tribunal reveals something disturbing about refugees and TTIP
Other infamous examples of ISDS include Philip Morris, the tobacco giant, suing the Australian government for introducing plain cigarette packaging
France’s Veolia files EUR 100 mln arbitration suit against Lithuania
France’s Veolia, which owns district heat supply companies in Lithuania, filed a suit worth a preliminary 100 million euros against Lithuania.
France for resumption of India-EU FTA talks
Outstanding issues include the EU demand for a reduction in the duties on automobiles, wines and spirits, and Indian demand for greater movement of professionals.
Infographie : Tafta ou territoire d’alternatives
Cette infographie anticipe les conséquences du Tafta sur une commune ordinaire et expose un visage alternatif de cette même ville, transformée par ses politiques pionnières de transition sociale et écologique.
French firm attacks Ugandan tax using ISDS
The heavily criticized legal mechanism, known as ISDS, is an important tool for European companies to pressurize developing countries. This year Uganda joins the rank of developing nations asking themselves: “Why have we ever signed this?”
ICSID tribunal renders interim decision on Ecuador’s environmental counterclaim in long-running dispute
Perenco Ecuador Limited (Perenco)—a French-owned oil and gas company—and the Republic of Ecuador have been involved in arbitration since 2008 under the France–Ecuador bilateral investment treaty (BIT).
Small businesses start to campaign against TTIP
Many small businesses are not convinced by the benefits of TTIP. Some of them have started to campaign, which for time-pressed small businesses, is quite a big thing.