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APEC pursues new approaches to reignite FTAAP
APEC member economies are considering innovative and improved approaches to revitalize the Free-Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) as a major instrument to further APEC’s regional economic integration agenda.
Apec hails progress on free-trade area
All 21 leaders from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation member countries and economic zones have decided to push the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific, a regional economic integration.
Ministry to host Apec trade talks
Talks on the long-delayed Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) and open economies topping the agenda of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) trade ministers meeting.
The complexities of China’s CPTPP entry
There are several sticking points for new entrants into the CPTPP, especially China.
Putin voices support for Asia Pacific FTA
Russia supports the idea of establishing a free trade area (FTA) in the Asia Pacific region, which is believed to enhance the country’s position in the region’s market, President Vladimir Putin said.
Spotlight: FTAAP, post-2020 vision to top APEC summit agenda
Experts believed an envisaged Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific, which includes all 21 APEC economies, is an effective way to reduce the "spaghetti bowl effect" of overlapping regional trade agreements and fragmentation risk in the Asia-Pacific.
China lays foundations for Eurasian free trade after TPP failure
The demise of the TPP and the recent politicizing of trade have made China rethink what it really wants from free trade agreements (FTAs).
China backs regional partnership after US walks away from TPP
China is hoping to galvanise two regional trade proposals — the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the Free-Trade Agreement of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP), following the formal exit of the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Let Latin America turn to China to counter Trump
The country could replace the US as the region’s major trading partner if the president-elect follows through with his protectionist policies.
Trump moves: The face of economic and political uncertainty in Asia
States such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines, which used to lean toward the United States (US), may now be seeking to find more favor with the Chinese.
Japan caught in dilemma with TPP facing dead end, RCEP and FTAAP in focus
The focus of the Asia-Pacific is believed to be shifting to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
The new trade future in Asia Pacific – analysis
While the dream of free trade was born in the prosperous West, it will be completed in the emerging East.
The Donald Trump effect: India faces prospect of integrating deeper with Asia-Pacific if RCEP expands into FTAAP
As a major non-APEC member of the RCEP, India faces the prospect of integrating deeper with the Asia-Pacific if the RCEP expands into the FTAAP
Labor joins Coalition in backing larger trade deal to replace TPP
Consensus in Canberra as leaders prepare to attend Apec summit and confront the death of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
APEC week kicks off in Peru with regional free trade area high on agenda
A creation of Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP), which would include all APEC states, is one of the main topics on the agenda of the 2016 APEC Summit.
China pushes Asia-Pacific trade deals as Trump win dashes TPP hopes
China will seek support for a Beijing-led Asia-Pacific free trade area at a regional summit in Peru, Chinese officials, after Donald Trump’s U.S. election win dashed hopes for a U.S.-led free trade pact.
APEC ministers: Free trade area study on path to conclusion
Trade ministers from the United States, China and other Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum nations say a study on the proposed "Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific" agreement is on track.
India’s membership of APEC will be win-win for both
India’s inclusion in APEC is hoped to further integrate the Indian economy into the Asia-Pacific economic milieu as well as boost its ‘Act East Policy’.
Beijing-backed free-trade plan fails to advance at Apec
South China Sea disputes a hot topic of discussion but declaration at the end of the Asia-Pacific leaders summit makes no reference to the issues
APEC endorses regionwide pact
Leaders of 21 Asia-Pacific economies agreed to push forward with a wider free trade agreement, even as U.S. and China form their own free trade blocs to gain greater influence in the region.