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American for-profit hospitals to expand under KORUS FTA: report
With the passage of the South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), the American medical industry expects to widen its opportunities to establish for-profit hospitals in South Korea in addition to limiting domestic authority to close them once they are established, according to a report by the US Department of Commerce released Sunday.
New trade agreement threatens Australia’s laws on medicines and tobacco
Australia leads the world in many areas of public health but the Federal Government could be negotiating our achievements away, according to Dr Patricia Ranald, Convenor, Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network
Alcohol lobbyists expose FTA pitfalls
Lobbyists for the alcohol industry are threatening to use New Zealand’s free trade agreements against government proposals to restrict products targetting young drinkers
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Did US move threaten public health?
Civil society groups say a leaked document from regional free trade negotiations between countries bordering the Pacific Ocean shows the United States favouring giant pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health.
Beware the tobacco bullies: Do not let them use free trade agreements to endanger public health
Tobacco giants are invoking investor-state dispute mechanisms in bilateral investment agreements to challenge moves of governments which are aimed at controlling the widespread use of tobacco products. This scary development highlights the dangers of signing trade or investment treaties which could give corporations the right to sue governments over legitimate health or other public interest regulations.
Korea-EU FTA to put Seoul at public health crossroads
Pharmaceuticals might not have been the most discussed sector before the Korea-European Union Free Trade Agreement came into effect from July 1.
Tobacco giant suing Australian govt ’a warning’ for NZ
Tobacco giant Philip Morris suing the Australian government for introducing plain packaging laws for tobacco should send shockwaves through this country as it seeks a free trade deal involving the US, says an academic critic of the deal.
Julia Gillard stands firm on cigarette plain packaging
Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she won’t be intimidated by big tobacco after Philip Morris launched legal action to try to force the government to back down on introducing plain packaging for cigarettes.
Eureko secures exit from Polish PZU row
An agreement has been signed between the Polish Ministry for State Treasury and Eureko to pay the insurer an interim dividend in November 2009 worth €1.85bn.