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Iran, Syria ink free trade agreement
Iran and Syria have signed a free trade agreement in a bid to boost bilateral trade especially in industry, mining and agriculture, the deputy industry, mine and trade minister stated on Sunday.
Iran, Indonesia hold first Preferential Trade Agreement negotiation
The First meeting of the Trade Negotiation Committee between Iran and Indonesia was held in Medan, the capital of the North Sumatra Province of Indonesia.
Iran, Syria to set up joint bank to facilitate bilateral trade ties
A senior Iranian trade official announced that Iran and Syria have prioritized setting up a joint bank in a bid to boost their bilateral trade ties.
Iran, Kenya to sign free trade agreement
Iran and Kenya plan to sign an agreement to promote relations in various fields of tourism and establish a free trade zone, Iranian Vice President Hamid Baqaei says.
Iran, Armenia to sign FTA
Iran and Armenia will sign a free trade agreement (FTAs) during the Armenian economy minister’s upcoming visit to Tehran.
L’Algérie et l’Iran envisageraient un accord de libre-échange
Un accord de libre-échange entre l’Algérie et l’Iran dans un proche avenir ? L’information rapportée par la Fars News Agency reste imprécise et évoque un cadre plus général d’un accord de libre-échange entre l’Iran et les pays « africains musulmans ».
Iran, Algeria mull free-trade pact
Iran and Algeria are discussing signing a free trade agreement in the future, Mehr News Agency reported.
Iran, Syria plan to sign FTA
Iran is in talks with Syria to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) after Damascus and Ankara reached a similar deal, says the Iranian commerce minister.
Australia accidentally reveals treaty negotiations with countries
Despite Australia imposing financial and trade sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, the document says "negotiations are ongoing" with Tehran on an investment promotion agreement.
Serbia, Iran to sign free trade agreement
Serbia says it plans to sign a free trade agreement with Iran to boost economic cooperation.
Govt. allows free trade between Iran and Persian Gulf countries
Iran’s cabinet gave the green light for the signing of an agreement for free trade among Iran and the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, announced a commerce ministry official here on Sunday.
Gulf states set to start FTA talks with Iran
Gulf states have decided to accept an offer from Tehran to begin talks on a free trade agreement (FTA) that will add Iran to the list of many countries negotiating with the region for such a deal
Bahrain & Iran to sign free trade agreement
Bahrain and Iran are a step closer to signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Free trade agreement between Iran and Armenia to be ratified later
During the Iranian President’s official visit to Armenia the agreement on free trade between the two states was not signed
Iran says free trade pact with GCC to benefit region
A proposed free trade agreement (FTA) between Iran and the six Gulf states would help boost the regional economy, Iran’s ambassador to the UAE said yesterday.
Middle East: Bridging the Shia-Sunni divide with free trade
While Iran and the United States exchange aggressive statements, the Arab countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been busy building trade relations with Tehran and charting an economic course with a potential of mending ties in a tough neighbourhood.
Iran ready for FTA talks with PGCC
Tehran is ready to hold talks with the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council on a free trade pact.
Iran to join Cuban-Venezuelan trade agreement
Iran plans to join a Latin American initiative designed to counter US-led efforts for free trade in the region, the official Web site of Iran’s president office reported on Sunday.
Iran mulling FTA with PGCC
Iran is planning to sign a free or preferential trade agreement with the member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council.