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Israel boycott office ’must be reopened’
A parliamentarian committee in Bahrain has called for the reopening of the Israel boycott office. Manama shut down the office in 2005 as part of the requirements by the US Congress before it ratified a free trade agreement with Bahrain
Israel, Mexico amended the Israel-Mexico Free-Trade Agreement of 2000
The amendment allows for goods originating in Israel or Mexico to undergo minimal processing or storage in a third country, such as the US or EU, and still retain duty-free status
Egypt, Israel to amend trade agreement
Egypt and Israel have agreed to reduce the percentage of Israeli components that must be included in Egyptian-made products that receive duty-free status when exported to the United States
Israeli deal to boost defence
A surge in Israeli hi-tech investment and the transfer of world-leading military technology is set to be unleashed next year with the expected sealing of a free trade agreement between Australia and Israel.
Envoy hints at free-trade deal for Israel’s 60th
Israeli Ambassador Yuval Rotem has hinted that a free-trade agreement between Israel and Australia could be finalised in time for the Jewish State’s 60th anniversary next year.
The swell of boycott
The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has called for divestment from Israeli companies: a campaign aimed at the European Union, which accounts for two-thirds of Israel’s exports under an EU-Israel Association Agreement. The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Jean Ziegler, has said that human rights conditions in the agreement should be invoked and Israel’s trading preferences suspended. This is unusual, for these were once distant voices.
Berlin protesters demonstrate against Israeli products
Protesters held signs reading "No to settlement products" and "Stop the Israel-EU Association Agreement."
Israel proposes FTA with India
Israel has proposed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India to boost burgeoning economic and bilateral ties.
The Jordan-Israel QIZs have been insignificant for peace
The impact of the Qualifying Industrial Zones — a concept proposed by the United States in 1996 to bolster cooperation between Jordan and Israel after the Jordan-Israel peace agreement was signed in 1995 — remains, after 10 years, difficult to determine. In spite of the tremendous growth of exports to the US market through these zones, QIZs continue to receive mixed reviews and their future is uncertain. Most importantly, the impact of the QIZs on the peace effort has been insignificant, to say the least.
Sri Lanka enters into economic cooperation agreement with Israel
Sri Lanka last week entered into an economic cooperation agreement with Israel.
Israeli industrialists’ strategy in the global supply chain
The aim of this paper is to try to understand the Israeli industrialists’ strategy in the globalization process in the course of the recent years. The new strategy was implemented in the days of the first Intifada (the Palestinian uprising) in the late 80s. At that time voices were heard in the Association of Israeli Industrialists, the strongest organization of Israeli employers, advocating an agreement with the Palestinians which would not oppose the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, as long as the Palestinian economic dependence on Israel is preserved.
Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods - A spearheading new initiative
Members of J-BIG have joined the wider campaign for abolishing the special trade and economic benefits granted to Israel as part of its trade agreement with the European Union. Indeed a significant number of British MPs appear to support this campaign.
“Trade for Peace with Israel” falls short
The next time your Wal-Mart sweatpants read “Made in Jordan QIZ” on the label, consider the relationship between economic integration and peace. The truth might not be what you expect.
Israel to attempt upgrade its EU status
Israel is examining the idea of upgrading its relations with the European Union and gaining the status of Norway and Switzerland, which although not members of the EU have free passage for people, capital and merchandise between them and the rest of the EU countries.
’There is still a lot to be done,’ EU’s Ferrero-Waldner tells Post
Despite its commitments under the Association Agreement and the European Neighbourhood Policy, the EU commissioner for external relations said, Israel "has not yet made up its mind how to work with us."
Israelis would like to join European Union
While Israel signed an association agreement with the EU in November 1995—which incorporates specific free trade regulations—the prospect of Israel’s full membership in the EU has never been seriously considered by either Israeli or European leaders.
Time to get serious about Israel
The UK House of Commons international development committee is calling on the Labour government to press for sanctions against Israel over its treatment of the Palestinian people. As a first step in putting pressure on the Israeli government to end this oppression, the UK should now urge its fellow members in the EU to consider suspending the EU-Israel association agreement, the cross-party committee says.
Israel, Jordan upgraded QIZ trade pact
The newly signed agreement intends to improve supervision on compliance with rules of origin under the qualified industrial zones (QIZ) treaty.
Corporate complicity in Israel’s crimes
Originating as it does from illegally occupied land, settlement produce is supposed to be excluded from the preferential treatment which Israeli exports to the UK enjoy under the EU-Israel Association Agreement.
Israel mulls FTA with India
Israel is considering a free trade agreement (FTA) with India to reach a bilateral trade target of $5 billion, deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry Eliyahu Yishai has said.