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India-EU FTA won’t hit generic drugs industry: EU envoy
The much-hyped bilateral trade and investment agreement (BTIA) between India and the European Union (EU) would not impact the Indian generic drugs industry or lead to a change in the country’s patent law, João Cravinho, EU ambassador to India, said on Friday.
India-EU FTA will imperil lives, local industry, say activists
A large number of people living with HIV, cancer patients and health activists took to the streets of Delhi today asking government of India not to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) as it would be detrimental to the interests of tens of thousands of people like them in the country.
Cambodian people’s statement on the EU-India free trade agreement on generic drugs
We, Cambodian garment workers, sex workers, entertainment workers, people living with HIV, LGBTs, university students, feminists and human right activists from different networks and organisations came together to express our concern about the threat posed by the forthcoming EU-India free trade agreement to the lives of millions of people in Cambodia and many other developing countries across the world.
Join the rally to oppose EU-India FTA!
Around 2000 people including people living with HIV (PLHIV), patient groups and public health activists will take to the streets and rally from Barakhamba road to Jantar Mantar at 11.00 am on 10 April 2013 to voice concerns and protest against harmful provisions being pushed by the EU-India FTA negotiations
Manmohan Singh must learn from the Novartis judgement
Will Manmohan Singh understand the clear purpose behind the national sentiment around the Supreme Court judgment on Novartis’ cancer drug Glivec? If he does, he should take a relook at the India-EU Free Trade Agreement that is cooking in his back-room.
European Union sets tough conditions under FTA
The gains accruing to the Indian generic drugs industry as a result of the Supreme Court judgement on the Novartis case may be lost if India accepts demands by the European Union (EU) under the proposed free trade agreement (FTA) between the two sides.
Indian pharma sector fears India-European Union FTA could imperil local industry
Drugmakers and healthcare activists are worried that the India-European Union Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which is in the works, may contain a provision that could imperil local industry and have urged the government to keep patent infringement issues out of FTAs.
European Union-India FTA may hit generic medical industry
The free trade agreement that European Union is pushing India to sign could put an end to India’s status as the pharmacy of the developing providing affordable medicines, especially HIV drugs to countries like Brazil, Thailand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and several others. The negotiations with EU are on at a feverish pace this week in Brussels even before the parliamentary standing committee looking into the free trade agreements (FTAs) has submitted its report.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: an interview with Judit Rius, Médecins Sans Frontières
The TPP negotiators are making decisions that will affect at least 600 million people, and potentially hundreds of millions more, in complete secrecy, and this is unacceptable.
EU-Thailand FTA negotiations: What fate for access to medicines?
Health Action International Europe, Oxfam and Action against AIDS Germany have serious concerns over the repercussions the EU-Thailand FTA will have on access to medicines in Thailand and the region.
As clock ticks toward Trans-Pacific trade pact deadline, US must end stall tactics on access to medicines
As closed-door talks for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement resume in Singapore this week, international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières calls on the US government to end its stall tactics and revise its proposals for what otherwise promises to be the most harmful trade deal ever for access to medicines in developing countries.
Thai-EU FTA raises alarm for people with AIDS
Days before leaders of the European Union arrived in Norway to collect this year’s Nobel Peace prize, Thai public health activists sent a letter to the northern powerhouse, warning that the EU’s 2012 accolades face a credibility test in this Southeast Asian country.
Canada prepares for drug patent concessions to clinch free-trade deal with EU
As free trade talks with the European Union reach the endgame, Ottawa is signalling it is prepared to give the Europeans at least part of what they asked for on drug patents — a move that could cost Canadians up to $900 million a year.
EU free trade deal will hike drug prices in N.S. — minister
A concession on drug patents in a free trade deal with the European Union stands to cost Nova Scotians millions, Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson said Wednesday.
EU trade policy cannot ignore the Geneva conventions: the European Parliament must reject the ACAA protocol with Israel
Civil society statement calling fpr rejection of the Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products protocol attached to the European Union-Israel Association Agreement
US pharma companies could be real beneficiaries of Canada-EU trade deal
Although the EU is asking Canada to change its patent regime, it is not possible to do so just for the EU. The actual beneficiaries would be all of the world’s brand-name companies. Of the world’s top 12 health care companies by revenue only three or four are resident in the EU.
HIV patients urge caution on EU FTA talks
People afflicted with the Aids virus have called on the government to proceed carefully on free-trade negotiations with the European Union, as the latter’s demands for copyright protection could make it difficult for patients to access cheap medicines.
Trade deal to curb generic-drug use
Some countries whose governments purchase drugs with a set budget are also alarmed by signs that the TPP may grant new negotiating powers to the industry.
Pharma exports: India asks Japan to remove non-tariff barriers
India has asked Japan to remove all non-tax barriers to help the domestic industry take advantage of the comprehensive free-trade agreement and increase share in the Japanese market.
18 Thai civil society groups urge EU Parliament delegation to reconsider TRIPS-plus provisions in EU-Thailand FTA
The letter warns that the TRIPS-Plus provisions in the trade agreement between EU and Thailand – including border measures, data exclusivity, patent term extensions, and protection for new indications – would block access to generic medicines.