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Costly medicines and pus in milk: a Brexit trade deal that’ll make you sick
The US trade barriers list shows that Liam Fox could let more than just chlorinated chicken into the UK. The public deserve to know the details
EU wants legal assurance Britain won’t lower environmental standards after Brexit
The European Union wants Britain to promise not to lower its environmental protection standards after it leaves the EU, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said.
Why Trump’s ’predatory’ plan to exploit Brexit makes a US-UK trade deal almost impossible
The Trump administration will seek to exploit the UK’s weakness after Brexit, making a quick and beneficial trade deal almost impossible for Theresa May to achieve.
Call for Australian trade agreement with Britain as Brexit begins
As the date for Brexit looms, trade minister Steven Ciobo is in London for talks on strengthening free trade ties with Britain.
EU Council ready to negotiate UK FTA
The European Council has said that it is ready to initiate work toward a free trade agreement with the UK, but warned that Brexit will lead to "frictions in trade."
Fiji and PNG talk post Brexit trade
Fiji and Papua New Guinea have held talks with Britain to ensure trade isn’t disrupted post Brexit.
TPP on table for UK after Brexit, trade chief Fox says
Britain plans to pursue free trade pacts during transition period
UK faces ‘cliff edge’ over EU trade pacts, warn MPs
Rolling over EU trade agreements with third countries after Brexit must be treated as “an urgent priority” if the UK is to avoid a trade ‘cliff edge’, UK MPs have warned.
UK defies EU over Indonesian palm oil trade, leaked papers show
UK is pushing for a deal that would boost imports linked to deforestation despite EU moves to ban unsustainable palm oil, diplomatic papers reveal.
Asia-Pacific trade deal signed by 11 nations
Eleven Asia-Pacific countries have signed the trade pact formerly known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Banks line up behind British government in EU trade battle
Banks and insurers lined up to back the British government’s demand that a future trade deal with the European Union must include financial services, putting them on a collision course with Brussels.
France rules out UK bid to include banks in EU trade deal
French Economy Minister rejects financial services to be part of a free-trade deal with the European Union after Brexit.
UK vies for post-Brexit Asia trade as EU lines up FTAs
Indonesia set to be crucial battleground for negotiations
Red tape in the meat industry? It’s the difference between life and death
Without regulations that scrutinise food standards and trade deals, we cannot trust the safety of the food on our plates.
’Dirty meat’: Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants
Previously unseen government records detail ‘deeply worrying’ incidents in pork and poultry plants, raising fears of ‘dirty meat’ entering the UK under a post-Brexit trade deal.
A hard-Brexit think tank accidentally published its plans for US-UK ‘shadow trade talks’
The Initiative for Free Trade - which is supported by trade secretary Liam Fox - has now deleted the plans from its website.
Resist a US trade deal. Your life may depend on it
We cannot trust our government to fight America’s disgusting farming practices. Unless we mobilise, US livestock pumped full of antibiotics will harm us all.
With Brexit in the horizon, Cambodia hopes for UK trade deal
Cambodia is seeking a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, in a move to ensure that bilateral trade remains robust once the UK officially leaves the EU.
Comprehensive free trade deal is preferred option to avoid ’hard border’
December’s deal to avoid a hard border stands and the preferred option to secure that is through a comprehensive free trade deal, the Prime Minister has said.
Global mining firms sue Kenya for Sh334bn compensation
Global mining firms want Kenya compelled to pay Sh334 billion as compensation for cancelling their licences.