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EU and UK soon to be in a post-Brexit rush over free trade agreement with Australia
The European Union is eyeing to exclude the UK from trade talks with Australia amid concerns that “sensitive information” may be used by an almost ex-member, reports European Sting.
Switzerland, UK begin free trade talks
Talks on the post-Brexit relationship between Switzerland and the UK are underway, according to the Swiss Federal Council.
EU offers Brexit trade talks, sets tough transition terms
The European Union offered Britain talks this year on a future free trade pact but made clear that London must first agree to EU demands on the terms of Brexit.
Indo-British official group discussing free trade agreement
A joint working group of officials from both countries is working on an India-UK free trade agreement to be signed once Britain exits the EU in two years time.
Food retailers seek UK-EU free trade agreement
The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and other food industry representative bodies have called on the UK Government to secure two-way tariff-free trade with the EU in Brexit discussions.
Gulf Arab states push for UK free trade deal after Brexit: officials
Gulf Arab states are pressing for an early deal on free trade with Britain to secure preferential arrangements after Brexit, and could have a draft agreement ready within months.
Opinion: The UK will get a bad trade deal from the US
There is little reason to doubt that the United Kingdom will sign a free trade agreement with the United States once outside the EU. But there is not going to be that much into it for British businesses. This is because the UK will be the weaker party in the talks.
UK looks to supercharge EU trade deals post-Brexit
Britain is looking for ways to take on the EU’s free trade deals with countries around the world after Brexit - then use its new independence to cut taxes and regulatory barriers to trade, boosting the power of the deals.
Europe pushes ahead with controversial Canadian trade deal, opens door for tar sands
The trade deal could facilitate energy companies suing Member State governments when environmental policies threaten their profits.
Brexit could help EU strike free trade deal with India, MEPs believe
Leaked document suggests Indian tariffs on scotch and Theresa May’s visa rules for skilled Indians had been impeding progress.
’Resolving mobility issue is the key to UK-India free trade pact’
Joint working group can act as a fulcrum for the FTA: India’s High Commissioner to UK
UK hints at new trade deal with Ghana
The United Kingdom, as suspected after Brexit, will “do a free trade deal” with Ghana, its Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said in Accra
Brussels ‘will block’ GM food from Britain
Last month the UK government approved field trials of GM wheat and is expected to give the go-ahead to trials of a potato genetically modified to be resistant to blight
CEMAC losses of customs duties with the EU28-UK EPA
This paper assesses the CEMAC customs duty losses on its imports from the EU-28 minus the United Kingdom after the Brexit on the basis of EU28-UK exports in 2015 and of the liberalization programming provided for by the EPA.
Free trade: a corporate scam
"Free trade" rules are written by corporations to enlarge their freedom to commodify and privatise the last inch of land, the last drop of water, the last seed, the last serving of food, the last byte of information, the last bit of data, knowledge and imagination.
US pork producers welcome Trump stance on free trade with the UK
US pork industry leaders have “applauded” the Trump administration for seeking closer trade relations with the UK, backed by a plea for talks between the two countries to begin as soon as possible.
UK trade diplomats hard at work
Many countries including China, Brazil, and the Gulf States have already expressed their interest in enhancing their trading relationships with the United Kingdom.
Brexit will need new dispute resolution mechanism
A new mechanism for dispute resolution between the UK and the EU will be needed following Brexit.
Is chlorinated chicken about to hit our shelves after new US trade deal?
Consumers could be exposed to American farming practices banned by the EU.
Theresa May’s Brexit plan will leave Britain subject to secret global trade courts
Experts say that to agree trade deals outside the EU, the UK will have to sign up to an “unaccountable” legal system that can force states to overturn laws corporations don’t like.