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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

U.S. farm groups pile on Canada as Trump eyes trade fairness
U.S. poultry exporters, who include Tyson Foods Inc and Pilgrims Pride Corp, as well as egg sellers, are expected to seek greater access to Canada’s tightly controlled market in renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
Interview with Elizabeth Swager and Julia DeGraw
Elizabeth Swager is a National Organizing Director at Citizens Trade Campaign and Julia DeGraw is the Senior Northwest Organizer at Food & Water Watch.
US officials eye next steps on trade with Europe, Japan, NAFTA partners
The past weeks have seen a flurry of trade activity in Washington and beyond, including a trip by US Vice President Mike Pence to Asia; meetings between top American and European trade officials; and an escalation in the US-Canada row over softwood lumber that could have implications for broader trade talks.
Trump won’t scrap Nafta trade deal ’at this time’
US President Donald Trump has told Mexico and Canada he wants to renegotiate - not scrap - the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Dairy 101: The Canada-U.S. milk spat explained
The Americans have made it very clear they want to secure more access to Canada’s dairy and poultry markets when NAFTA is renegotiated.
Ahead of NAFTA talks, U.S. sets 20 percent duties on Canadian softwood lumber
The United States will impose preliminary anti-subsidy duties averaging 20 percent on imports of Canadian softwood lumber, as NAFTA renegotiation talks are looming
USW, Unite march in solidarity with Mexican steelworkers
After three decades of NAFTA, Mexican workers are still denied basic rights.
Ontario coughs up $28M to wind power company
The Ontario government says it has paid a $28-million award that a NAFTA tribunal ruled was owed to a wind power company over a provincial offshore wind moratorium.
Four ways our trade vision beats Trump’s
Progressives and Trump form two opposing sides in a battle that’s currently underway for the future of U.S. trade policy.
Byzantine bilateralism
Bilateral commercial negotiations can enable strong countries to dominate weaker ones.
On NAFTA, Trump’s caution falls short of his tough talk — and that’s fine with free traders
Trump called NAFTA a disaster and vowed to scrap it and start over. But in nine weeks as president, he’s taken a much more cautious approach toward the deal with Mexico and Canada.
TPP reincarnation
The Trump Administration plans to use TPP as the “starting point” for a revamped North American Free Trade Agreement and new bilateral deals, according to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.
Trump’s NAFTA changes aren’t much different from Obama’s
President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to bring sweeping changes to the “terrible” North American Free Trade Agreement just got a dose of reality.
Mexico lagged the rest of Latin America in the NAFTA era, report finds
Over 20 million more Mexicans have fallen below the poverty line since NAFTA took effect.
United States’ free trade agreements: a silent (r)evolution?
The trade policy of the United States (U.S.) traditionally relied almost exclusively on multilateral negotiations. This changed in 1985 when the United States concluded a free trade agreement with Israel.
Draft NAFTA notice
The Trump administration has sent a draft notice to US Congress, seeking to tackle what it considers NAFTA issues.
Cargill chief: Don’t mess up NAFTA
Cargill CEO Dave MacLennan hopes to see out of any NAFTA renegotiation the basic principles of keeping the border open for trade
How to understand globalization: not nations, but class
The question is often posed whether trade and investment is a zero sum game among nations. South Centre Chief Economist Yilmaz Akyuz says he does not think nations are the correct focus here.
TransCanada Keystone XL rejection lawsuit dropped - arbitrator
Transcanada Corp’s legal challenge against the United States over its past rejection of Keystone XL pipeline has been dropped.
US ranchers saddle up for trade battle with Washington
President Trump’s promise to renegotiate Nafta and possibly place tariffs on Mexico or other US trading partners has the beef industry worried. The industry is already reeling from the loss of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.