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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

It’s time to scrap NAFTA, not ‘tweak’ it
Donald Trump seems to think Mexicans made out like bandits from NAFTA. In reality, workers in all three NAFTA countries have suffered.
Investor-state dispute settlements: great for business, risky for the environment
What makes ISDS divisive is it exposes governments to potentially expensive private arbitration by foreign corporations who feel that environmental protection measures impede their business.
Canada stresses talks on NAFTA will involve all three members
Any talks to renew the North American Free Trade Agreement would involve all three member nations, a top Canadian official said
No: No wall could hurt Mexico as much as NAFTA has
NAFTA marked a continuation of policies that began in the 1980s under pressure from Washington and the International Monetary Fund.
Trump expects only ’tweaking’ of trade relationship with Canada
President Donald Trump said the United States would be "tweaking" its trade relationship with Canada.
Beef industry talks possible trade deals
The U.S. beef herd is expanding and the industry wants export market access to grow as well.
Trump scraps The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) for bilateral “free trade”
Trump wants even stronger, pro-U.S. business free trade deals to the benefit of U.S. multinational corporations and at the expense of the U.S. trading partners.
Trump has one big idea to fix America’s trade deals. It’s not very good.
If governments turn out to be absolutely desperate to sign FTAs with the US they won’t have much choice but to deal with an administration whose motto is “America first”, which may mean learning to love all our genetically modified produce, among other concessions.
Cargill chief: NAFTA in “good place”
Cargill does not want a lot to change in the North American free trade deal
Mexicans left behind by NAFTA see opportunity in Trump
NAFTA led to upheaval in Mexican countryside as cheap grains produced by highly subsidised US farms flooded markets.
Unifor president: NAFTA, other free trade deals need renegotiating
NAFTA and other free trade deals including CETA have been badly negotiated by Canada, and have hurt the economy.
Farm & Food groups call for new way on NAFTA
U.S.-Mexico relations should be based on fair trade, not xenophobia. Farm and food groups call for prioritizing fair and sustainable rural economies.
Trump aide reassures Canada on trade talks, isolating Mexico
The U.S. and Canada are signaling most of the pain from reworking Nafta will hit Mexico
Mexico president says seeks to preserve tariff-free NAFTA trade
Mexico’s President that he will aim to preserve tariff-free commerce under NAFTA and will also seek bilateral deals with countries that formed part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Labor and nonprofit groups priority for NAFTA reform
To create good-paying jobs, eliminate threats to our communities and otherwise benefit the majority, NAFTA must be replaced with an agreement that includes these essential changes.
Trump won’t dump investor rights – and here’s why
What does Mr. Trump think about the constitution-like rights for the protection of foreign investors that are enforced via the system of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)?
Canada given advance notice of Trump’s NAFTA demands
The Americans want to discuss country of origin rules and the independent dispute-settlement mechanism.
Groups from Mexico, Canada and the U.S. demand NAFTA replacement
Any renegotiation process must be transparent and participatory, and that the resulting NAFTA replacement must improve peoples’ lives and livelihoods and protect the environment in all three countries.
Trump will renegotiate our trade deals. Will it really be on behalf of workers?
But the mere act of renegotiating our trade deals doesn’t automatically mean the outcome will benefit the workers.
Trump, Tillerson, NAFTA, Mexico and oil companies
The NAFTA case will show how the new administration will deal with national debates and the role of the U.S. finding new ways of leading in international trade and investment.