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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Mexico-Guatemala: The other border
The loss of jobs in the agricultural industries, along with increases in the cost of living with fewer employment opportunities under CAFTA are speculated to produce economic and social hardships that will result in migration both within and outside Central American nations. Most of this migration will be directed towards Mexico and the US.
Competition with China: if you can’t beat it, join it
China has beaten Mexico hands down in terms of trade in the past few years, and may do even better after December, when a "peace clause" expires.
Mexico stands up to FTA
About 40 Mexican rural organizations agreed Wednesday to create a unitary front against the North America Free Trade Agreement. As part of the peaceful resistance plan, farmers will camp on the central square of Zocalo starting Monday to defend the rights of four million Mexican agricultural producers.
US couple sues over income-trust taxes
A Chicago couple is launching a challenge under the North American Free Trade Agreement after they lost money when the Canadian government opted to tax income trusts last year.
The politics of corporate party crashing
The North American global justice movement just exposed the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP), the latest corporate assault on our democracy, environment and human rights. As activists assess their next steps, many wonder: can we still work together, dig the SPP’s grave still deeper, and then push it in? And where do we go from there?
Scrap the SPP!
The People’s Global Action Bloc is a coalition of various anti-capitalist groups from Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver who will be organizing actions in Montebello and across Canada from August 19-21 to show their resistance to the SPP.
110,000 citizens sign petition opposing move to North American Union
A newly launched petition protesting a move toward the creation of a North American "framework" has quickly captured the attention of US citizens.
Will security and prosperity partnerships end dissent as we know it?
Just about everyone on the Left knows what a free trade agreement is by now. But how many of us have heard of an SPP?
Bringing the SPP out of the shadows
While many Canadians have never heard of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, activists from across North America are planning to make their presence felt at the "3 Bandidos" summit in Montebello, Quebec, and shed some light on what many are describing as ’NAFTA Plus’.
Evaluation of the impact of NAFTA on manufacturing
The evidence is overwhelming: NAFTA has damaged the manufacturing industry in the US and Mexico. As the maquiladora industry thrives and human rights are continuously eroded in sweatshops across the globe, it is the responsibility of the US, the world’s most insatiable consumer, to call attention to this injustice in the manufacturing sector and correct it.
Democratic candidates say they would change Nafta trade pact
US Democratic presidential contenders said they would revise the North American Free Trade Agreement if elected in 2008.
The militarization and annexation of North America
Besides the Bush administration’s imperial aims and permanent war on the world, add the one at home below the radar. It has a name: Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.
Why they migrate
In 2002 alone, 600 Mexican farmers per day were forced off the land due to NAFTA, by US agribusiness dumping subsidized food exports on Mexico. And in the past five years, more than 1,600 Mexican migrants have lost their lives in their attempts to find jobs in the US.
US offers Canberra a Doha fallback over trade
Australia could be invited to join the North American Free Trade Agreement as part of a strategy among Asia-Pacific nations to deal with the collapse of world trade talks.
US asks for FTA renegotiations in seven areas
The US has officially requested additional negotiations on an already concluded free trade agreement with Korea. It wants to renegotiate seven sectors — labor, environment, essential security, pharmaceuticals, government procurement, harbor safety and investment. But critical issues that could hurt the balance of negotiations like cars and the inter-Korean Kaesong Industrial Complex are not on the agenda, the government believes.
NAFTA claim dismissed, dicey clause remains
A seven-year legal battle by the US postal carrier United Parcel Service of America (UPS) against Canada, brought under a controversial free trade agreement, has been dismissed, but advocacy groups say a provision that allows corporations to sue for lost profits should be permanently dropped.
Canada Post NAFTA win sets precedent
A landmark NAFTA decision this week dismissing allegations that Canada Post is competing unfairly has significantly restricted the rights of foreign investors to elbow their way into markets served by Crown corporations and other government enterprises.
Canada Post claims NAFTA victory
Canada Post said Tuesday it has defeated a NAFTA challenge from United Parcel Service of America Inc. that alleged the Crown corporation engages in unfair competition.
NAFTA from below: A review
The full impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on the working people of Mexico, the US and Canada has yet to be assessed, but this slender volume makes a major contribution to our overall understanding of this disastrous economic treaty that was imposed on the people of all three nations by governments which routinely subvert democracy in the service of big capital.
The SPPNA or “deep integration”
It’s really not a secret accord. On March 23, 2005, presidents George W. Bush of the United States, Vicente Fox of Mexico, and Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada issued a joint declaration giving life to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPPNA), also known as NAFTA-plus, or North American Free Trade Agreement plus other accords.