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New Zealand

PACER Plus signing on 14 June
The PACER Plus Trade Agreement will be signed by 14 Pacific Island countries including Australia and New Zealand on June 14 in Nuku’alofa, Tonga.
Pacific Alliance looks to Asia as NAFTA, TPP face uncertainty
Pacific Alliance countries are in talks to expand the trade bloc outside Latin America and into high-growth Asia as the future of established deals, such as NAFTA and the evolving Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), hang in the balance.
New Zealand govt ratifies TPP agreement just days before English heads to Japan
New Zealand has formally ratified the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal just days before Prime Minister Bill English heads to Japan for discussions over its future without the United States.
Aus, NZ trying to corner India in Oceania
One of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most insightful, if low key, foreign policy initiatives was to work to deepen relations with more than a dozen island nations of Oceania.
New Pacific trade pact goes against the protectionist tide
But 14-nation deal may be largely symbolic without Fiji and Papua New Guinea.
Japan pitches idea of five-nation TPP: sources
An idea has emerged that the Trans-Pacific Partnership can take effect among at least five nations including Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
Barry Coates: PACER Plus – how the Pacific Way is being undermined
There were promises that the agreement would be for the benefit of the Pacific. But it has been shaped more by the advantages to Australia and New Zealand exporters than the aspirations of the Pacific’s people.
New Zealand enters Chinese "upgrade" talks with longer list than its counterpart
New Zealand hopes to bring forward the phasing out of restrictions on tariff-free dairy trade, industries from avocados and apricots to forestry and paper were wanting help to ease the path for exports into China.
Ideological recklessness to resurrect a TPPA-minus-US
Chief negotiators from the non-US TPPA countries will meet in Canada in early May to prepare a plan for the side meeting of TPP trade minister’s during the APEC meeting in Hanoi.
New Zealand renews push to secure Gulf FTA
New Zealand Economic Development Minister Simon Bridges will make a further push to secure a long-stalled trade agreement with Arab states on a visit to the United Arab Emirates.
Russia willing to start NZ free-trade talks
Russia is willing to restart free trade talks with New Zealand that were halted after the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, but Trade Minister Todd McClay says it is too soon to resume negotiations with the world’s 12th-biggest economy.
Jane Kelsey: Governments in denial of a world changing around them
As the Government seeks to renegotiate the China Free Trade Agreement, we need to reflect on the broader priorities and risks in that relationship for the future.
New Zealand and China plan to expand free-trade deal
New Zealand and China announced they would open talks soon to expand a successful free-trade deal in place for nearly a decade.
Pacific countries to sign trade deal next month
Pacific Island countries are expected to sign the proposed regional trade deal called PACER Plus next month.
EU capitalizing on free-trade interest amid gloom over Trump policies
The European Union is seeing increased impetus around the world to move forward with Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with the bloc, which will make the most of uncertainty over the outlook for U.S. trade policy.
EU, New Zealand conclude preparatory FTA talks
As a next step, the European Commission will ask member states for a mandate to negotiate on behalf of the EU.
New Zealand FM optimistic on finalising stalled Gulf trade deal this year
New Zealand is optimistic it will complete its stalled free trade deal with the Gulf states this year as part of efforts to deepen economic ties with the region
NZ and Australia to work together to salvage TPP - English
Australia and New Zealand have agreed to work together to try to breathe life into the stalled Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
China, New Zealand pledge support for free trade to counter global protectionism
New Zealand and China will soon hold a series of high-level meetings and work to promote free trade
NZ: MFAT keeps ’24-hour watch’ on Trump, seeks US bilateral trade deal while TPP still on the table
New Zealand trade officials are hoping for a bilateral free trade deal with Washington, even while a Trans-Pacific Partnership deal excluding the US remains on the table.