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Thousands march against water privatization in Peru as TPP and ICSID ruling looms
More than 2,000 people marched in Lima, Peru in opposition to the government’s plan to privatize public water services.
Peru’s police violently clashes with Anti-TPP protesters
This is the fifth time Peruvians have demonstrated against the free-trade agreement since the beginning of the secret negotiations. Police violently clashed with protesters.
The TPP kills
It’s no joke. The consequence that the Transpacific Treaty on Economic Cooperation (the English acronym for which is the TPP) recently signed by 12 countries in the Pacific Ocean, including Mexico, Peru and Chile on this side of the Pond, has on access to medicines is brutal.
Chilean social groups to protest Monsanto, anti-democratic TPP
Citizen opposition to the signing of the TPP will take place throughout the region, with joint mobilizations taking place in Peru and Argentina.
US targets new opportunities in Latin America
Economic growth and expanding middle class is fuelling demand for US agricultural products.
Peru eyes free trade agreement with India
Hoping to increase bilateral trade with India, South American nation Peru is looking to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India in the next three to four years, a successful achievement of which will make it the first Latin American country to have an FTA with India.
The problem with tying health care to trade
Writing pharmaceutical regulations into international trade deals can have costly consequences.
Don’t let TPP lock Peru into unequal trade
TPP negotiators hope to finalize the agreement in the next few days. Political leaders will boast of promoting the well-being of their people and countries. But the reality is that special interests have been given far too much influence on the negotiations.
Peru: Trade agreements bolster exploitation
Analysts say policies initiated under the Free Trade Agreement with the US have taken away labor rights for hundreds of thousands of working class Peruvian citizens.
Effects of the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
Advantages and disadvantages of free trade between USA and Peru.
Peru, Thailand agree to continue FTA talks
Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Magali Silva and Thailand’s Deputy Minister of Commerce Apiradi Tantraporn agreed to continue moving forward towards the signing of a Free Trade Agreement and strengthen trade ties between the two countries.
US-Peru free trade deal failed to enforce environmental norms
An Environmental Investigation Agency report undermines the Obama administration’s argument that free trade helps protect the environment.
Philippines, Peru set to engage in FTA talks
The Philippines is set to engage into free trade agreement talks with Peru, a senior government official said on Wednesday.
More Dirty Little TPPA Secrets
Imagine Trade Minister Tim Groser gets to the meeting of ministers to do the final horse-trading for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (now slated to happen in late May 2015), plays his final hand and signs away our future for a carton of milk powder. He will know that’s not really the end game: a final deal is not a final deal until the US Congress says so. The US has two more aces in its hand.
TPP denounced in Peru as US-led negotiations end
On Monday, a coalition of Peruvian civil society organizations issued a strong warning as negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty (TPP) come to an end.
The Transpacific Partnership will impact sovereign control over health policies
A text that Peru and 11 other countries (including the US) are negotiating in secret, seeks to expand drug patents for more than 20 years thus generating millions of overheads for our health system and making it even more difficult to obtain biological medicines against cancer.
FTA commitments to be strengthened between the US and Peru
Peru hopes to upgrade access to the US market for farm products.
India to soon start FTA feasibility process with Russia, Peru
India will soon initiate the feasibility process to launch negotiations for a free trade agreement with Russia and Peru, a move aimed at enhancing economic ties with these nations.
Trade agreement with Colombia and Peru tests our commitment to human rights
The first significant test of Ireland’s reputation as defender of human rights comes today as the Dáil debates ratification of the EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru.
Turkey-Peru free trade talks end without deal
Talks will continue next year as areas of friction — textiles and agriculture — continue to cause disagreement.