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Investment treaties and the internal vetting of regulatory proposals: a case study from Canada
The study focused on whether ISDS contributed to changes in internal vetting of government decisions related to environmental protection in the province of Ontario, Canada.
New Zealand, Australia ready to accelerate trade talks with the EU, ditch ISDS
The EU has agreed to launch negotiations with New Zealand and Australia. The two countries are ready to speed up talks, and reach a deal in a reasonable timeframe.
Rights for business, not for people: the EU agenda
This report explains how the European Union is aggressively pursuing special rights for businesses whilst hampering efforts to hold corporations responsible for the human rights violations they commit.
TTIP’s regulatory cooperation and the politics of ‘learning’
The focus on the ISDS has diverted attention from another institutional development, namely, the equally important and equally dangerous ‘Regulatory Cooperation’.
TPPA vs tobacco control - the devil is in the details
Now that the whole text of the TPPA has been released, it appears the TPPA provides many avenues for the tobacco industry to thwart and frustrate government efforts to enact stronger measures.
US State legislators ‘shocked’ by EU trade deal implications
Rules envisioned under TTIP could give EU officials power to interfere in US State affairs
The gathering financial storm is just one effect of corporate power unbound
What have governments learned from the financial crisis? I could write a column spelling it out. Or I could do the same job with one word: nothing.
TISA parties plan four rounds by July 2016 to advance priority annexes
The participants in the Trade In Services Agreements (TISA) have agreed to hold four more rounds of negotiations between November and mid-July 2016
Japan releases TPP details – Vietnam to abolish tariffs and economic needs test
Besides abolishing tariffs and providing for investor-state dispute settlement, some of Vietnam’s highlights under the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact include removing the dreaded economic needs test
Joseph Stiglitz: under TPP, polluters could sue U.S. for setting carbon emissions limits
The basic point is that TPP is a trade agreement that has all kinds of provisions intended to restrict regulations.
The TTIP of the spear
Selling Europe’s trade agreement with America as “strategic” has problems
In brief – TTIP: where we stand
TTIP negotiation round 11 was held in Miami, Florida: short overview of where we stand in the negotiations, issue area by issue area.
The Volkswagen scandal and TTIP
The Volkswagen scandal has, above all, shown to the general public what had long been clear to people in Europe who are campaigning for better air quality: the car industry has too much influence on politics in Europe.
‘Political will’ may no longer be the bane of AEC
With less than three months before AEC is launched, the business community is still not convinced that the governments in Asean are politically committed towards AEC. Many feel the countries in the region are not pulling up their socks to remove non-tariff barriers
TTIP: A box of tricks for corporate climate criminals
A new briefing by AITEC and CEO explains why TTIP, and especially regulatory cooperation, could put a stranglehold on our ability to create the energy transition required to tackle climate change.
Trans-Pacific Partnership: we’re selling economic sovereignty for little return
Part of the cost of free trade deals is standardisation – in this case it means adopting US practices.
Why geopolitical arguments in favour of TTIP are also flawed
The geopolitical ‘setting global standards’ argument that has become central to the advocates’ discourse on TTIP is seriously flawed. TTIP will only lead to high global standards under certain conditions and these conditions are unlikely to be met.
Libre-échange : des effets difficiles à mesurer sur l’emploi
Les conséquences des accords multilatéraux sur le commerce mondial et l’économie sont loin de faire consensus.
Why reassurances that TTIP will not affect the right to regulate miss the point
Often times, we hear that the “right to regulate” will be guaranteed under TTIP. Isn’t this the strongest indication that this right might come under pressure?
TTIP negotiations not even half done
An internal European assessment shows talks stalled on key issues.