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Kenya reluctant to seek Comesa shield, opts for rehabilitation of sugar factories
Kenya is reluctant to seek extension of safeguards that protect the country from importation of cheap sugar from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa).
Mercosur and Mexico trade agreements: The quest for a sugar fix
There is intensive lobbying by European sugar beet growers against the prospect of widening of EU quotas for non-EU cane sugar as part of ongoing bilateral free trade negotiations.
Indonesia in sugar, pesticide deal
Indonesia will lower the tariff on our sugar exports. In exchange for the sugar deal Australia will eliminate import duties on Indonesian herbicides and pesticides.
U.S., Mexico clear way for NAFTA with new deal on sugar trade
The deal in principle could clear away at least one contentious issue between the two governments standing in the way of upcoming NAFTA talks.
U.S. and Mexico sugar talks go into overtime after day of drama
They are seen as a precursor to the more complex discussions on the North American Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada.
Sugar subsidies, America’s least efficient corporate welfare program
As part of NAFTA, Mexico was granted special access to the U.S. market but more akin to the “imperial preference” that Great Britain once provided for members of the British Empire.
Kenyan Sugar Gets Extra 1 Year Comesa Safeguard
Kenya has been granted a one-year extension of sugar import limits from the regional trade bloc Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) to revamp its ailing sugar industry.
Sugar socialism could breach free trade agreements
The forced re-regulation of Queensland’s $2 billion sugar industry could breach international trade agreements and threaten foreign investment, Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said.
Queensland Nationals threaten revolt if TPP is sugar-free
Queensland Nationals MPs will refuse to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement unless it opens up significant new ­export opportunities for the Australian sugar industry.
How Jack Straw lobbied Ukrainian PM and European Commission on behalf of sugar firm
According to The Telegraph, former UK foreign secretary Jack Straw lobbied the Ukrainian goverment - using the proposed EU FTA as a carrot - to get it to change a domestic law in favour of a UK company’s interests.
Sugar industry gave donation to agricultural minister ahead of TPP talks
Japanese Minister of Agriculture Koya Nishikawa faces a fresh donation scandal after a Liberal Democratic Party chapter he heads was found to have received 1 million yen in donation from a sugar industry group right before Japan joined the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade talks in 2013.
Andrew Robb pushes for a US sweetener in TPP
Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb is pushing for greater access to the US market for Australian sugar exports as expectations mount that the giant 12-nation Trans-­Pacific Partnership could be wrapped up by May
Sugar buyers’ slam NAFTA sugar pact, shift focus to Australia, Canada
A new US-Mexican government pact will limit supplies of sugar from Mexico via NAFTA and drive US manufacturers to seek supplies from Australia and Canada through the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to the Sweetener Users Association (SUA), which represents candy makers like the Hershey and Mars.
US sugar policy: Sweet for a few, sour for most
New restrictions on Mexican sugar imports undermine the government’s negotiating position in free trade talks.
600,000 sugar workers’ jobs in peril when ASEAN Free Trade Agreement takes effect in 2015 - SRA
The implementation of the Common Effective Preferential Tariff scheme under the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) in 2015 may imperil the livelihood of about 62,000 sugar farmers and 600,000 sugar workers in the Philippines, the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) said.
EU sugar industry fears import pressures In TTIP talks
Europe’s sugar industry fears there could be sugar imports from the combined US and Mexican market if sugar is becomes part of the ongoing Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.
Fiji fears force deal with EU to save sugar industry
Fears of the collapse of Fiji’s multi-million dollar sugar industry prompted its government late last month to opt for an Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA) with the European Union. Islands Business magazine investigated.
EU deal on edge
An economic partnership agreement with the EU will expire in two weeks, but the Fiji Sugar Corporation says there are other, almost equally lucrative markets to sell to.
Billionaire Salim seeks sweet Philippine deals
Billionaire Anthoni Salim’s First Pacific Co. is seeking to buy sugar companies in the Philippines to expand its footprint in Southeast Asia and tap opportunities from a free-trade agreement in the region.
Gloom as Kenya fails to meet Comesa rule
Kenyan sugarcane farmers and consumers face a bleak future, as Government departments tasked with implementing reforms in the sector drag their feet.