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Is the EU abandoning freedom of speech in its trade deals?
As trade negotiators seek to wrap up the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), the EU seems to have abandoned the objective of promoting human rights, notably freedom of speech.
Negotiators question EU commitment to services deal
Negotiators working to increase market access for services are beginning to question whether the European Union is capable of forging a multi-trillion dollar services agreement.
TiSA - Norway second revised conditional offer (October 2016)
As released by the Government of Norway
TiSA - second revised Swiss offer (October 2016)
Released by the Government of Switzerland
What do trade agreements do for open access—and what don’t they do?
The absence of support for open access in trade agreements comes as no surprise when considering that there are no representatives from the education sector, nor any library or archive representatives, in the relevant closed-door trade advisory committees
World union meeting unites against TiSA and CETA
Global trade union leaders meeting in Panama have united in condemnation of TiSA (the Trade in Services Agreement) and CETA (the Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement), highlighting the risks that both trade agreements pose to jobs and job security.
Do free trade deals pose a threat to higher education?
The awareness of the threat posed to the public realm by international ‘free trade’ agreements has been heightened by the publication of new leaks and criticism from leading intellectuals.
TISA proposes new global rules on data flows and safe harbors
The Trade in Services Agreement contains many provisions that are a virtual copy-and-paste out of the TPP’s Electronic Commerce chapter.
Hazards ahead for TiSA talks
The odds of the Trade in Services Agreement wrapping up by year’s end have grown longer after a mini ministerial meeting revealed a number of issues remain far from resolved
Civil society urges EU leaders to protect citizens’ data in trade agreements
“EU leaders must protect individuals’ personal information and privacy. The best way to do this is by not including data flows in trade agreements.”
TiSA agreement leaks show corporations pushing privatization of public services
The latest leaks of teh Trade in Services Agreement show prohibitions on requiring foreign companies to employ local workers, says Deborah James
Peru’s Broad Front moves to block TPP ratification
In protests billed as “anti-colonial” demonstrations, Peruvians hit the streets on 12 October against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade in Services Agreement
Newly leaked TISA texts expose the scope of the corporate power grab
"It’s time to halt the negotiations, publish the secret texts and ensure the widest possible public debate to expose the full extent of the threat these treaties pose to democracy and the labour movement," international trade union organizations say.
Hopes high as services negotiators enter final sprint
After their high-level Washington, D.C., meeting on Oct. 16-17, TiSA negotiators will next meet on the sidelines of an Oct. 21-22 WTO “mini-ministerial” meeting in Oslo.
TiSA - draft annex on localisation provisions (June 2016)
As leaked by WikiLeaks
TiSA - draft annex on financial services (27 June 2016)
As leaked by WikiLeaks
Backdoor for investor-state disputes in TiSA
There is a loophole that may allow private investors to bring a dispute against states.
European Commission paralysed over data flows in TiSA trade deal
European Commission officials have struck a deal that could put a clause guaranteeing international data flows into a trade agreement with 22 countries outside the bloc, including the United States and Australia.
Asymmetrical ambition levels make TiSA talks outcome complicated
Prospects for an outcome in the controversial plurilateral talks on Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) by the end of this year appear grim and complicated.