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FTA with Turkey to resume ‘under certain conditions’
Jordan is willing to reactivate the free trade agreement with Turkey, which was suspended last month, if Turkey agrees to meet certain conditions, the government said on Sunday.
Gov’t suspends FTA with Turkey
The FTA with Turkey has not yielded the expected fruits, but has rather further tilted the trade balance in favour of the Turkish side, says Governement.
Turkey’s economy minister seeks Japan trade pact this year
Japan-EU deal adds urgency; Ankara plans ’countermeasures’ against US tariffs
Turkey seeks free trade agreement with ECOWAS
Turkish Economy Minister has suggested that a free trade agreement will be a key step to boost business ties between Ankara and the Economic Community of West African States.
Georgia and Turkey boost trade by widening free trade agreement
Georgian producers will soon be able to increase export volume to Turkey by 20 percent as Georgia and Turkey have agreed to widen an existing free trade agreement
Turkey to reconsider FTA with Jordan ‘to ensure balance’
Relying the findings of a study by the Amman Chamber of Commerce, business leaders called for revisiting the Jordan-Turkish FTA, noting that trade balance was heavily in favour of Turkey.
Sartaj stresses early conclusion of FTA with Turkey
Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission Sartaj Aziz stressed the need for early conclusion of Free Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Turkey to help boosting bilateral trade.
Turkey-Japan FTA negotiations nears end
The eighth round of negotiations on the Turkey-Japan FTA, which was launched with an initiative of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan back in 2014, was held in Ankara.
Serbia signs free trade agreement with Turkey
Serbia said it has signed a free trade agreement with Turkey to boost its meat and food exports.
Free trade pact would break EU-Turkey deadlock
Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Paris earlier this month was beset with bitter messages from French president Emmanuel Macron on Turkey’s EU journey, as he openly remarked that political developments in Turkey were blocking its EU accession bid and the idea of a new partnership instead of full membership needs to be entertained.
No progress on FTA with Turkey, Senate panel informed
Despite several rounds of talks and negotiations spanning over a decade, progress has yet to be made on reaching a free trade agreement with Turkey.
Turkey, Somalia sign Economic Partnership Agreement
Last week, Turkey and Somalia signed economic partnership agreement.The countries also came to an understanding on fishing and fisheries. Under this, Turkish fishermen will be able to fish in Somalia’s territorial waters.
Indonesia, Turkey begin CEPA talks
Indonesia and Turkey held first round on Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement in Jakarta. Delegations from both the countries discussed the agreement’s terms of reference (ToR) as well as trade issues, such as legal matters and customs.
FTA with Turkey is Ukraine’s key priority for 2018: Ambassador
Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey Andrii Sybiha considers the conclusion of the agreement on a free trade area (FTA) with Turkey as one of the key priorities of 2018.
Turkey, South Korea look to capitalize on free trade agreement, boost service trade
Turkish and South Korean announced the completion of the approval processes for the Free Trade Agreement. The approval processes of the Service Trade Agreement will also be completed soon, they also stated.
S. Korea, Turkey review implementation of FTA
South Korea and Turkey reviewed the implementation of a bilateral free trade agreement and discussed ways to reduce non-tariff barriers
EFTA states, Turkey close to concluding free trade deal
Delegations from the European Free Trade Association states and Turkey met in Ankara for the sixth round of negotiations on the modernization and expansion of their existing free trade agreement.
Pakistan gets stay on $800m Karkey penalty
Pakistan has successfully gotten a stay order from the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) over the execution of an $800 million award to Karkey Karadeniz Elektrik Uretim (Karkey).
Ukraine, Turkey start 8th round of negotiations on FTA
Ukraine begins the eighth round of negotiations on a free trade agreement with Turkey.
Fearing an end to NAFTA, Mexico looks to Middle East for new trade partners
Jose Antonio Meade, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico, said that the country will seek to diversify its trade relations with other countries. Trade agreements with the Middle East and Turkey will be a priority.