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Western Sahara

French government dilutes Court of Justice conclusion
A note sent from French government to the French parliamentarians in Brussels casts doubts on whether France has studied the judgment at all.
EU deeply divided over Western Sahara policy
The ECJ has ruled that EU trade agreements can only apply to Western Sahara if the legitimate representatives of its people agree to it. In practice, the EU’s 2017 list of approved exporters from Morocco still includes entities based in Western Sahara.
Spain confirms: EU-Morocco trade deal not for Western Sahara goods
The Spanish government in a statement confirmed the EU court’s judgement that Western Sahara goods are not covered by the EU-Morocco trade deal.
Western Sahara: MEPs urge European Commission comply with CJEU ruling
Members of the European Parliament have urged the European commission to comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union which excluded Western Sahara territories of the EU-Morocco Association Agreement.
EU to uphold Morocco farm accord despite Western Sahara ruling
The European Union promised to maintain a farm deal with Morocco, seeking to reassure Rabat that the accord was not endangered by an EU court ruling that the country’s trade accords do not apply to the disputed Western Sahara region.
Morocco warns EU to respect trade deal
Morocco’s government warned the European Union that its failure to fully implement a joint agriculture deal would have severe consequences
Polisario win several campaigns at UN, international courts and public opinion courts against Morocco
The Washington Times highlighted the considerable achievement that the Frente Polisario gained in the international sphere in its struggle for the self-determination of the Sahrawi people.
Reaction from Polisario on EU-Morocco court case
See statement and press conference held in Brussels.
EU Court protects Western Sahara from EU-Morocco trade deal
The highest Court of the European Union this morning found that EU’s trade agreement with Morocco cannot be implemented in Western Sahara.
First season in Switzerland without occupation tomatoes?
From this winter on, Swiss supermarkets will probably, for the first time, no longer sell tomatoes from occupied Western Sahara.
Morocco suffers legal setback as EU official declares Western Sahara ’not part of Morocco’
Western Sahara is not part of Moroccan territory and therefore the EU-Morocco Association Agreement is not applicable to it: an advocate general at the Court of Justice in Brussels.
See how the controversial plantations boomed in the desert
The large increase of plantation infrastructure in occupied Western Sahara at the time when Morocco and the EU were negotiating a trade agreement suggests that the Moroccan government and the Moroccan/French companies involved had expected the trade agreement to go through.
Five EU states gang up on Africa’s last colony
The European Court of Justice is due to hear a case on Tuesday (19 July) examining the EU’s role in facilitating exploitation of Africa’s last colony by one of Europe’s close allies.
Confirmed: these 5 countries intervene against Saharawis at EU Court
The EU Court has now officially confirmed that five EU Member States will intervene in favour of Morocco in the proceedings to reverse the Court’s decision to halt imports from occupied Western Sahara through a trade deal with Morocco.
EU Member States to intervene against Western Sahara in EU Court
A handful of EU Member States will intervene in the European Court proceedings in favour of Morocco, asking the Court to reverse its decision to cancel the EU-Morocco trade deal in occupied Western Sahara.
Don’t trade with Western Sahara, says Danish parliament
The Danish parliament unanimously passed a motion on Western Sahara that urges Danish companies and the Danish public sector not to trade with Africa’s last colony.
Spain: COAG will request cancellation of EU-Morocco free trade agreement
The head for fruits and vegetables at COAG is requesting in the European Parliament for the immediate implementation of the ruling cancelling the agreement for free agricultural trade between the EU and Morocco because of the illegal inclusion of Western Sahara.
Iceland agrees with CJEU, excludes Western Sahara from trade deal
All four members states of the EFTA free trade association conclude in the same way as the Court of Justice of the European Union. Goods from Western Sahara cannot be inluded in free trade agreements with Morocco.
New report: Canadian companies behind nearly all of the dirty trade
Two Canadian companies, Agrium and PotashCorp, were behind two thirds of all imports of phosphates from occupied Western Sahara.
HRW: "Western Sahara products should not be labeled as Moroccan"
Human Rights Watch states that "countries should not import goods produced in Western Sahara labeled as Made in Morocco or under preferential tariff agreements with Morocco".