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West Asia

Bilateral deal-making involving governments of West Asia.

Photo: tbz.foto / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Syria, Turkey Discuss Economic & Investment Cooperation
Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Otri and Turkish Minister of State for Economic Affairs Zafer Caglayan on Wednesday discussed means and ways of bolstering the standing cooperation between Syria and Turkey.
Hariri: Lebanon will soon sign free-trade deal with Turkey
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said during a meeting with Turkish and Lebanese businessmen in Istanbul on Tuesday a free trade agreement between Lebanon and Turkey will soon be signed.
Jordan, Iraq sign free-trade agreement
Jordanian Prime Minister Nader Dahabi made a whirlwind visit Thursday to Baghdad, signing a free-trade agreement that Jordan hoped would serve as a catalyst for boosting trade with neighbouring Iraq
Qatar to sign FTA with Singapore
Qatar and Singapore will sign a free trade agreement covering areas like trade in goods and services, e-commerce, investment, government procurement, customs and media cooperation on 15 December.
Bahrain & Iran to sign free trade agreement
Bahrain and Iran are a step closer to signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Qatar and Hungary to sign economic cooperation
Hungary and Qatar are expected to sign a slew of agreements, including investment protection and double-taxation avoidance, this year to strengthen economic relations.
US signing FTA with Kuwait only a matter of time: Gutierrez
"We are just waiting for the right conditions in place to sign a free trade agreement with Kuwait," said US Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez said on Wednesday, adding that an FTA with Egypt remains "an opportunity" and one with Libya "early" despite ongoing talks with Tripoli.
Turkey will negotiate a free-trade agreement with Arab Gulf states in 2 years
Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Wednesday his country planned to sign a free-trade agreement with Arab Gulf countries after two years of negotiations with the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council. «We are keen on buying Qatar’s gas,» Gul told reporters.
Kuwait, US ’strong’ economic partners
Kuwait and the US are now at the phase where they are "trying to understand and see whether there is an opportunity to move forward" from a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement to a bilateral investment treaty or free trade agreement, according to a US Treasury Department official.
Free trade agreement between Iran and Armenia to be ratified later
During the Iranian President’s official visit to Armenia the agreement on free trade between the two states was not signed