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Canada’s secretive treaty with China further diminishes aboriginal rights
"This isn’t a matter of the big bad Chinese coming and throwing oil all over our beavers and mounties, this is about (for the ten trillionth time in this country’s history) a fundamental disrespect for First Nations people, upon whose land we are developing a multi-billion dollar energy extraction industry."
MEPs still divided over EU-Canada trade deal
Divisions were evident in a European Parliament (EP) debate Wednesday on a proposed trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Canada.
S. Korea, Turkey initial FTA in service, investment sectors
South Korea and Turkey initialed a free trade agreement (FTA) for their investment and service sectors Thursday, which will complement a trade pact for products that went into effect last year.
EU must allay fears about free trade with Canada, Danish minister say
Danish companies — such as pharmaceutical giant Novo-Nordisk, who will get expanded patent protection in Canada — see huge opportunities for boosting their revenues through CETA.
Mercosur, Pacific Alliance to strengthen ties
Foreign Ministers from both blocs will meet November in Chile to discuss a Free Trade Agreement by 2016.
Pressure as EU issues new trade ultimatum
While the EU boss in Uganda is quick to point out that the date is neither an ultimatum nor a deadline, come Oct. 01 the EU will withdraw its free market access to countries like Uganda that have not yet ratified an Economic Partnership Agreement.
PSI Special Report: The Really Good Friends of Transnational Corporations Agreement
The objective of this report is to help overcome the secrecy and complexity surrounding the TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) negotiations in order to bring the agreement into the public sphere for democratic debate.
Dutch first to fish under unethical EU-Morocco fish deal
For the first time in almost three years, an EU member state fishing vessel has been detected in the waters of occupied Western Sahara.
China, Taiwan restart trade treaty talks
Taiwan and China have restarted talks on adding further goods tariff reductions to their economic cooperation framework agreement, despite the long-running dispute over the cross-strait agreement for trade in services that was signed in June last year.
India wary of issues on services in Canada pact
Canada’s trade minister Ed Fast is scheduled to visit India next month to hold discussions with Nirmala Sitharaman to end the CEPA deadlock
Study: Risks and opportunities for the EU agri-food sector in a possible EU-US trade agreement
TTIP "could lead to major changes in EU legislation, which may undermine the traditional EU precaution and risk management policy on which the current regulatory framework is based" says study prepared for the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.
Colombia: FTA negotiations with Japan continue
The seventh round of Economic Partnership Agreement talks, which aim at achieving an FTA between Colombia and Japan by 2015, are taking place this week in the Japanese capital.
Social movements denounce corporate take-over of Ban Ki-Moon Climate Summit
The movements point out that halting climate change calls for an end to the neoliberal free trade regime that promotes the pursuit of endless growth and endless profit for transnational corporations.
New treaty allows China to sue Canada to change its laws
Despite public outcry, Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, ratified a controversial treaty on Friday that will allow China to sue Canada in secret tribunals to repeal Canadian laws that interfere with Chinese investments.
European Parliament ratifies EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
The European Parliament gave its consent to the EU-Ukraine Association agreement, which includes a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), on Tuesday in Strasbourg. At the same time, the Agreement was also ratified by the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev.
Minister: Australia’s “food bowl of Asia” no threat to Chinese farmers
Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce is touring China in a bid to assuage local farmers’ fears over Australia’s ambition to be the “food bowl of Asia” as the two countries attempt to reach a conclusion to talks over a free-trade agreement.
Indonesia fishermen to suffer more under Asean Economic Community
Indonesian fishermen will suffer more when the ASEAN Economic Community is implemented in 2015, the environmentalist organization Walhi said.
Kenya: Civil society raises concerns over EAC-EU trade deal
Kenya Human Rights Commission and others demand extension of September 30 deadline to sign the pending trade deal between the East African Community and EU on the grounds that failure to reach agreement will hurt half a million horticultural workers, mostly women.
Sri Lanka-China to negotiate on FTA during Chinese President’s visit
During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the island this week, the two sides will launch negotiations on a China-Sri Lanka free trade agreement.
Economist Jeffrey Sachs says NO to TPP and TAFTA trade deals
Jeffrey Sachs, world-renowned professor of economics, lays out five reasons why the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement should not be passed or ratified.