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Malaysian Parliament approves TPP agreement
The Malaysian Parliament approved the country’s participation in the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement
RCEP agreement: Eye on ’essential pillars’, meetings to be smaller and more focussed
"We will try for RCEP to be TPP minus because RCEP standards will be lower than TPP ones," said a commerce department official.
CAP calls on MPs to reject TPPA
The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is shocked that the Government is making a mockery of Parliament by seeking a blank cheque for the country to be tied to the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).
Participation in Africa trade deal tenuous
26 African countries signed the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) agreement. However, only three of Africa’s eight regional economic communities are participating in the TFTA.
France’s Veolia files EUR 100 mln arbitration suit against Lithuania
France’s Veolia, which owns district heat supply companies in Lithuania, filed a suit worth a preliminary 100 million euros against Lithuania.
Corporate power doesn’t always win: remembering the FTAA
A decade ago, a transnational coalition beat back the largest corporate trade deal in history. Here’s what they can teach opponents of the TPP.
Trade deals and the TPP corporate power grab - resistance must continue!
Unions and their allies have a window of opportunity to stop the TPP.
Peterson Institute study shows TPP will lead to $357 billion increase in annual imports
There are several important issues that may have been missed thus there are reasons for believing that these projections may not prove correct.
Anger as government blocks TTIP legal documents relating to health service
Business secretary refuses to disclose advice that could show how private health firms might sue government under US-Europe trade deal.
Indonesia to speed up EU CEPA negotiation
Indonesia will speed up negotiations on the Indonesia-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).
Court ordered disclosure of the negotiating documents of KorUS FTA
The Korean Administrative Court in Seoul held that the negotiating documents of the KorUS FTA be disclosed.
Court rules in favour of Spain in suit against renewable energy cuts
An international arbitrator threw out claims from two investors protesting against Spain’s 2010 cuts to renewable energy subsidies, setting a potential precedent for other lawsuits pending.
France for resumption of India-EU FTA talks
Outstanding issues include the EU demand for a reduction in the duties on automobiles, wines and spirits, and Indian demand for greater movement of professionals.
Correa: ’corruption’ lets Chevron off hook for Amazon pollution
The ruling from the District Court of the Hague in favor of U.S. oil giant Chevron effectively exonerated the company from any responsibility for remediating the contamination in the Amazon.
Mexico and the European Free Trade Association to update free trade agreement
The document, signed by the parties, establishes the terms for the negotiations to update and expand the FTA between Mexico and the EFTA.
Anti-TPPA rally tells deaf gov’t off
Protestors at the anti-TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) demonstration say the people are sending the message that they do not want the secretive agreement signed by the government.
Haiti’s fraudulent presidential frontrunner seizes land for his own banana republic
Farmers remain homeless and out of work while the land grabbed by the company Jovenel Moïse founded, Agritrans, now hosts a private banana plantation. Moïse is the only man running in Haiti’s fraudulent runoff presidential elections this Sunday, and is connected to the land grab responsible for the expulsion of as many as 800 peasants.
Chilean social groups to protest Monsanto, anti-democratic TPP
Citizen opposition to the signing of the TPP will take place throughout the region, with joint mobilizations taking place in Peru and Argentina.
Better Regulation, TTIP under the radar?
The negotiations the EU are having with the US over TTIP would lead to new governance structures and procedures with a central objective of eliminating trade and investment barriers.
Consumer rights group launches petition to exclude cosmetics from TTIP
The Danish consumer rights organisation Forbrugerrådet Tænk wants to keep cosmetics regulation out of the Transatlantic free trade negotiations, saying it is worried that the EU will "sell out" its strict standards.