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Focus on: TTIP and (de)regulation

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TTIP vs food sovereignty
TTIP threatens our food future. In addition to campaigning against it, we need to work towards an alternative framework.
TTIP: A box of tricks for corporate climate criminals
A new briefing by AITEC and CEO explains why TTIP, and especially regulatory cooperation, could put a stranglehold on our ability to create the energy transition required to tackle climate change.
TTIP: A charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy.
This new booklet, written by John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want, explains in short what TTIP is and how it will affect the lives of all of us if it comes into force.
TTIP: Big business and US to have major say in EU trade deals, leak reveals
Document obtained by campaign group shows legislation will be influenced before it reaches European Parliament
TTIP: covert attacks on democracy and regulation
The EU Commissions’ proposals on "regulatory cooperation" poses a threat to regulation that protect our health, the environment and our welfare - and they are a threat to democracy.
TTIP: Regulations handcuffed
A new leaked proposal from the transatlantic trade treaty negotiations (TTIP) shows the European Commission seemingly unstoppable in its drive to constrain regulations to protect the public interest – including potentially those made by regional authorities.
TTIP: Regulatory cooperation - a threat to democracy
Video about the proposed regulatory cooperation chapter of the possible EU-US trade deal.
TTIP’s regulatory cooperation and the politics of ‘learning’
The focus on the ISDS has diverted attention from another institutional development, namely, the equally important and equally dangerous ‘Regulatory Cooperation’.
United States and Europe disagree on GM crops
America, where GMOs have been in the human supply chain for more than two decades, want their currently banned crops to be imported into Europe.
UPDATE: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): A charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung have today released an updated version of their publication on TTIP by John Hilary.
US pushes for greater transparency in EU business regulation
The US is using transatlantic trade negotiations to push for a fundamental change in the way business regulations are drafted in the EU to allow business groups greater input earlier in the process.
US State legislators ‘shocked’ by EU trade deal implications
Rules envisioned under TTIP could give EU officials power to interfere in US State affairs
US trade deal won’t change rules on ’toxic’ chemicals, EU says
The European Union is seeking to contain a new complaint that a trade deal with the United States would undermine Europe’s protection against dangerous chemicals, eager to avoid another front of resistance to the world’s biggest trade accord.
Who regulates best, the US or EU? #TTIP
The US and European trade union movements don’t want to see any weakening of standards through TTIP. Froman and deGucht have said they don’t want that either, but successive trade deals have done precisely that.
Why geopolitical arguments in favour of TTIP are also flawed
The geopolitical ‘setting global standards’ argument that has become central to the advocates’ discourse on TTIP is seriously flawed. TTIP will only lead to high global standards under certain conditions and these conditions are unlikely to be met.
Why reassurances that TTIP will not affect the right to regulate miss the point
Often times, we hear that the “right to regulate” will be guaranteed under TTIP. Isn’t this the strongest indication that this right might come under pressure?
Why TTIP is stuck in the muck
For TTIP to work, the EU needs to become more transparent.