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ACP-EU countries conclude second round of talks on a new ambitious partnership
This new phase of the negotiations will ultimately lead to the creation of tailor-made pillars with each region, which are among the novelties to be introduced in the future ACP-EU Agreement.
ACP-EU negotiations: PNG Minister meets with Commissioner
PNG to call on EU for a review of the current interim Economic Partnership Agreement. PNG is ready to look into new investments, new industry developments, new commercial services, infrastructure for trade and increase volume of trade in goods.
Samoa calls for a post Cotonou agreement to broaden Pacific – EU relations
The African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) – European Union (EU) high level political dialogue on the post- Cotonou agreement is underway at the Taumeasina Island resort, Samoa.
Cotonou successor: EU-Africa relations at the crossroads
Negotiators are hoping to break the back on talks for the successor to the Cotonou Agreement, which expires in May 2020, between the EU and 79 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP).
UK commits to EPAs after Brexit
The United Kingdom says it will honour the current Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with PNG and other ACP member states that have existing preferential trade relations with the European Union, after Brexit.
Tensions grow over the future of the ACP group
The African Union wants to have a continent-to-continent dialogue with Europe, a change that could make the framework of the Cotonou Agreement implode and leave the Pacific and Caribbean states out in the cold.
Samoa, P.N.G. get the nod
Samoa and Papua New Guinea will represent the Pacific at the Ministerial level central negotiating for the post-Cotonou agreement.
EU-ACP post-Cotonou agreement: EU negotiating directives (June 2018)
As released by the European Council
ACP negotiating mandate for the Post-Cotonou Partnership Agreement with the European Union unanimously adopted
The Africa, Caribbean and Pacific negotiating mandate for the Post-Cotonou Partnership Agreement with the European Union was unanimously adopted at the 107th Session of the ACP Council of Ministers
EU-ACP post-Cotonou agreement: ACP negotiating mandate (May 2018)
As released by the ACP Secretariat
Business Europe’s position on the Post-Cotonou partnership between the EU and ACP countries
The agreement should include strong provisions to promote the finalisation and implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).
Women’s aspirations & priorities within the post-Cotonou negotiations
Negotiations around post-Cotonou framework must take women’s issues into account and be intentional in allocating financial resources to the realization of women’s economic rights and empowerment.
Lessons from EPA must inform post-cotonou agreement
Governments in the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries should use lessons from the Economic Partnership Agreement for the post-Cotonou possible framework, advises Third World Network.
EU seeking to establish separate arrangements with ACP countries
The European Union is seeking to establish separate arrangements with members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group, as it prepares to enter into a new partnership agreement with these countries.
Uncertain future for ’diabolic’ free trade pacts between EU and Africa
Almost all ACP countries fear the possible negative impact of the EPAs on their economies and therefore stall its implementation.
Pacific ACP leaders intensify preparations for ACP-EU negotiations
Heads of Pacific governments are moving forward with groundwork on negotiations for a renewed trading partnership with the European Union, as part of the larger African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States.
Colonialism’s new clothes: The EU’s Economic Partnership Agreements with Africa
Though not highly publicised, the EPA has faced continued opposition from across the ACP countries, not least because of its devastating effect on small scale farmers. A new report from GRAIN goes into the details in Africa.
ACP countries to negotiate as a unified entity with EU
Seventy-nine countries from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific are preparing to negotiate a major partnership framework with the European Union which will set directions for trade relations.
Primer on EPAs
Under the EPAs, African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries will implement commitments way beyond what they already have agreed to in the WTO.
Les APE UE-ACP : une chance ou un fléau ?
De Lomé à Cotonou, une difficile transition vers la "réciprocité des avantages"