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Romanian Unesco site proposal may be halted to allow gold mining
Romania’s prime minister has suggested his government will withdraw an application to have the Roman gold-mining area of Roșia Montană declared a Unesco world heritage site, potentially reviving controversial plans to resume mining.
TPP 11 Sydney meeting vindicates community concerns
TPP 11 negotiators have agreed to suspend controversial clauses on medicine monopolies and some governments want to renegotiate other clauses, vindicating public interest group concerns
NAFTA renegotiation: Will working people continue to get shafted?
Interview with Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizens Global Trade Watch, and Gisela Perez, lawyer and journalist who works at NGO Derechos Digitales and is a spokesperson of the coalition "Mexico Against NAFTA", composed of more than 30 civil society organizations and trade unions.
Concerns over proposed TPP11 next steps re e-commerce
The beneficiaries of the TPP’s e-commerce rules will be the major US technology companies, and possibly those from China (neither of whom have to provide market access in return in the TPP11), civil society statement says.
Health community’s concerns re TPP11 proposed next steps
Stronger intellectual property protection would benefit the US in return for no concessions, civil society groups tell TPP11 Ministers
Internet freedom and public interest groups concerns re TPP11 proposed next steps
Stronger intellectual property protection does not benefit the TPP11 but would benefit the US in return for no concessions by the USA, a civil society letter to ministers asserts
Colonialism’s new clothes: The EU’s Economic Partnership Agreements with Africa
Though not highly publicised, the EPA has faced continued opposition from across the ACP countries, not least because of its devastating effect on small scale farmers. A new report from GRAIN goes into the details in Africa.
Family farm groups from three countries slam NAFTA reboot based on TPP
As the formal talks to renegotiate NAFTA begin, family farm organizations from Canada, the United States and Mexico denounce the direction of the talks.
NZ: National’s TPPA11 leaves key questions unanswered
A prominent law professor has called on the New Zealand Government to release its modelling on trade deal TPP11 to allow the public and opposition parties to make informed decisions in the lead-up to the election.
Thousands of Mexicans march to scrap NAFTA, as government fights to save it
While Mexican government negotiators fought tooth and nail to save the North American Free Trade Agreement during talks in Washington, thousands of Mexican farmers and workers took to the streets demanding the deal be scrapped.
India: Hawkers will fight RCEP until the end
RCEP would destroy a whole part of the Indian economy and livelihoods, in favour of international markets.
Thousands of Mexicans hold protest against NAFTA
Mexican farmers and workers have staged a mass rally in the capital to voice their opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as NAFTA, with the United States and Canada.
Interview with Loon Gangte
Loon Gangte is an Indian activist living with HIV and hepatitis C, founder of the Delhi Network of Positive People.
Peoples’ Summit against FTAs and RCEP
Hundreds of people gathered in Hyderabad, India, between 22 and 26 July 2017, in opposition to the 19th round of negotiations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).
La Via Campesina march in Bilbao
Farmers of La Via Campesina demonstrated in Bilbao for food sovereignty and the defence of the planet. Voices from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
Tell us who gains from RCEP: People’s Forum demands as RCEP talks end
“Tell us at least now who gains from RCEP,” People’s Forum challenges the Indian government as the 19th round of RCEP negotiations comes to an end
Harsh sentencing of Aymara leader reveals the politics of criminalization in Peru
This past month, eighteen Aymara community leaders endured the final stages of a trial that had them facing up to 28 years in prison and massive fines for their alleged roles in the 2011 ‘Aymarazo’ protests against the Santa Ana silver mine on the Peru-Bolivia border.
Zombie actors protest TPPA at Auckland trade office
A mock zombie virus outbreak was quarantined at the offices of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade in Auckland by campaigners demanding the NZ government end efforts to resurrect the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
Video: "Can’t trade with our lives and livelihood" Hyderabad says no to RCEP
A massive protest march was organised in Hyderabad on July 24 at People’s Plaza against Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership with the slogan "You can’t trade with our lives and livelihoods." The march is part of a week long activities of People’s convention against FTAs and RCEP.
“Stakeholder consultation a sham” – Boycott by people’s organizations
The People’s Resistance Forum against FTAs & RCEP calls the so-called “Stakeholder Consultation” on 25th July 2017 by the RCEP chief negotiators a sham – it is neither a meaningful consultation nor includes most stakeholders.