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Audio: Indigenous march against free trade policies
In Colombia, thousands of indigenous people are staging a week long march. Marchers plan to march through 70 miles of Colombia’s countryside. They say they want to change economic policies that are impoverishing their nations. And they reject the presence of US corporations on their lands. Manuel Rueda joined the march as it passed through Colombia’s Cauca Province.
World Food Day a reminder of a global crisis further sidelined by campaign frenzy, financial woes
These free trade agreements that the US government is continuing to negotiate, most of the emphasis is usually on the industrial-in the trade in consumer goods, but not in the impact on farming. In the debate this week, for instance, Barack Obama made a distinction that he opposed the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, but he supported the Peru Free Trade Agreement, because it had supposed labor safeguards in it. What is the impact of these free trade agreements on farming in this country, as well as in the other countries that are a part, signatories?
Afro-Colombian unionists and farmers fight repression
Audio interview about the struggles of Colombian workers and farmers against repression, violence, militarisation, biofuels and the US-Colombia FTA.
Chevron lobbies White House to pressure Ecuador to stop $12bin Amazon pollution lawsuit
Chevron is being accused of promoting geopolitical blackmail in its efforts to stave off a lawsuit accusing it of contaminating the Ecuadorian rain forest. Nearly 30,000 Amazon residents are seeking $12 billion from Chevron for dumping billions of gallons of toxic oil waste. According to Newsweek, the oil giant is urging the Bush administration to yank special trade preferences for Ecuador if the country’s government doesn’t force the Amazon residents to drop the case.
South Koreans fill streets of Seoul to continue protest sgainst US beef imports
For the past two months, protesters have been filling the streets of Seoul condemning a decision to lift a ban on imported beef from the United States. We speak with Michael Hansen, senior scientist for Consumers Union.
CKUT - Off the hour - collapse of WTO talks
Interview with Aziz Choudry on the collapse of WTO talks in Geneva, and what’s happening with FTAs, aired on CKUT Radio’s Off the Hour, Tuesday edition, 5 August 2008.
1 million people vs US beef
On 10 June 2008, Korean social movements resisting the re-opening of their country’s borders to US beef under a bilateral deal signed by the two governments are holding a watershed rally where they aim to get one million people in the streets.
US beef protest draws 100,000 S Koreans
"Not just the beef deal, but the Lee Myung-bak government’s policies are anti-working people and are not right," college student Ju Ha-na, who took part in a head-shaving ceremony in protest, said.
The situation of protest about US beef import in S Korea is similar to that of June 1987
Farmers, professors and veterans, and citizens protest the government’s announcement about U.S. beef import
Costa Rica CAFTA referendum on October 7!!!
Unable to gain public and legislative support for CAFTA amidst broad-based public opposition, the Costa Rican government has set up a referendum vote on CAFTA on October 7. It will be a "yes" or "no" vote. Hear a 28 minute audio piece, a segment of the video documentary, "Costa Rica, Inc." for an indepth analysis of why opposition is so strong in that country.
Koreans protest "free" trade agreement talks
Koreans descended on Washington this weekend to oppose a proposed US-South Korea "free" trade deal. Listen to the audio report from WSQT Radio.
Demonstrations against Andean FTA continue
The Ecuadorian indigenous movement ECUARUNARI has called for a “great march” on Wednesday 27 October 2004 to protest against the negotiations carried out by Ecuador, Colombia and Peru with United States in order to sign a free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Uruguay secretly concluded a Bilateral Investment Agreement with the US
The Minister of the Economy, Isaac Alfie, and the US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick, concluded a Bilateral Investment Agreement without disclosing its contents to either the Uruguayan members of parliament or to the Uruguayan society as a whole.
CKUT Radio: From Thailand to Chile Resisting Capitalist Globalization
Radio documentary on bilateral free trade and investment agreements