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Is water becoming ‘the new oil’?
The prospect of losing control of water under free-trade or other agreements is something Canadians seem to worry about constantly.
International investment agreements: A survey of environmental, labour and anti-corruption issues
This paper surveys the societal dimension of 296 international investment agreements (IIAs) signed by the 30 member countries and of by the 9 non-member countries that participate formally in OECD investment work.
EPA text released
CARIFORUM states including The Bahamas are now free to perform their respective legal reviews of the Economic Partnership Agreement [EPA] between the grouping and the European Union now that a legal scrub of the document has been completed, the Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery [CRNM] Director General Ambassador Richard Bernal confirmed yesterday.
FTAs ’ignoring environment’
While the government moves to strengthen Thailand’s global position through free-trade agreements, more efforts are needed to consider the environmental impact of increased industrial activity.
US-Korea Understanding on Agricultural Biotechnology (2007)
Negotiated on the sidelines of the US-Korea FTA, in March 2007.
Corporate globalisation: Standing at the end of the road
Corporate globalization, savagely embodied by NAFTA, is not just a threat to Mexican farmers and rural villagers. The economic, health, and social damage created by industrial agriculture, corporate globalization, and the patenting and gene-splicing of transgenic plants and animals, are inexorably leading to universal "bioserfdom " for farmers, deteriorating health for consumers, a destabilized climate (energy intensive industrial agriculture and long-distance food transportation and processing account, directly or indirectly, for 40% of all climate-disrupting greenhouse gases), tropical deforestation, and a rapid depletion of oil supplies.
Greenpeace: Ratifying JPEPA would be ‘criminal’
Greenpeace says Japan is pursuing trade agreements with Southeast Asian nations “to reopen the region to toxic waste trafficking” citing an August 2006 contract between the Japanese government and Shinko Research Co. Ltd. “to assess the use of bilateral agreements ’for bidirectional movement of toxic wastes between Japan and Asian countries.’”
US uranium mining company plans poses threat to over one million Canadians
Thanks to politicians corrupted by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a US mining company is poised to make commercial profit by spreading uranium contamination across eastern Ontario and western Quebec.
Trade chief says no need for JPEPA side accord
Favila said clarificatory statements or an exchange of diplomatic notes would be enough to clarify the "toxic issues" of the JPEPA.
Uruguay-Argentina: Smoke from pulp mill clouds relations
Everything was in place for the beginning of the end of the long-running conflict: a friendlier face about to be sworn in as president in Argentina, a tiny bit of flexibility on the part of Uruguay, a few points of agreement, and a Spanish mediator appointed by the King.
Arroyo on FTA promo blitz but environmentalists worry
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s team has begun a high-profile public relations blitz to urge the Senate to ratify a free-trade pact with Japan.
Can biofuels become sustainable?
Sustainability and trade barriers in biofuels could be addressed through new economic partnership agreements (EPAs), which are currently being negotiated with countries from the African, Caribbean and Pacific bloc. “New EPAs and the EDF will provide a framework for action on trade in biofuels,” a spokesman for the European development commissioner said. “From 2008 onwards this issue will become much more visible.”
USTR, Congress settle on changes to trade deals
The Bush administration and U.S. lawmakers have agreed on a blueprint to strengthen labor and environmental protections in four pending free trade deals, trade officials said on Monday.
US calls for revisions to S.Korea FTA
The United States has proposed revisions for a free trade agreement with South Korea to reflect Washington’s new guidelines that call for stricter labor and environmental standards, officials said Saturday.
Philippines: ’Diplomatic exchange’ on JPEPA toxic provisions not enough, Greenpeace says
The diplomatic notes state that "Japan would not be exporting toxic waste to the Philippines as defined and prohibited under the laws of the Philippines and Japan, in accordance with the Basel Convention." This is where the loophole and ambiguity lies.
RP-Japan pact won’t allow toxic dumping
Japan will give formal assurance to Philippine senators that it will not dump toxic and hazardous waste on the Philippines in an attempt to convince them to ratify the controversial Japan- Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).
Agreement on ’Trade in Goods’ in the proposed ASEAN-Japan economic pact to be finalized November
On the contentious issue of transboundary movement of toxic waste, which inclusion in the JPEPA had caused an uproar locally, Philippine Trade Secretary Peter B Favila said it is likely that the same provision would be carried in the Japan-ASEAN trade deal.
US may seek FTA renegotiations on labor, environment
Washington plans to demand renegotiations on several areas of the Korea-US free trade agreement (FTA) signed on April 2, according to US media reports.
’New trade policy for America’
The agreement announced today is a fundamental shift in US trade policy and clears the way for broad, bipartisan congressional support for the Peru and Panama FTAs.