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Rescued TPP trade deal about more than economics
Its resurrection represents a critical step towards building a trading system in which Washington’s abandonment of the region doesn’t immediately fall uncontested into China’s hands.
In the economic power struggle for Asia, Trump and Xi Jinping are switching policies
Donald Trump is flexing the United States’ economic muscle in East Asia by introducing a web of new-generation bilateral trade deals to contain China’s challenge. But Beijing is fighting back by political means.
China’s ’New Silk Road’ goes straight through the Caucasus
With its New Silk Road mega-project, China is building on old traditions. But hard-core geostrategic interests, not nostalgia, are guiding Beijing’s investments. Miodrag Soric reports from Tbilisi, Georgia.
Delhi, Male set to reboot bilateral ties
Maldivian Foreign Minister’s visit signals possible thaw in ties strained over FTA with China.
Proxy wars of the Asian economic power houses
Both and Japan are pursuing their own initiatives to call shots in Asia, which may have ramifications for businesses and economies in the Mena region.
Why is the FTA between China and Maldives important to India?
Now that the agreement has been signed between China and Maldives, India has said it expected the Indian Ocean archipelago nation to be sensitive to New Delhi’s concerns.
Taiwan eyes ’important role’ in alternative Asian sphere of influence
Mainland affairs minister intrigued by Trump references to ’Indo-Pacific’.
What Armenia’s new agreement with the EU means
At the fifth Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels, Armenia and the European Union signed a new framework agreement, dubbed the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.
China trumps India yet again over Maldives; gains geopolitical influence with trade deal
In November 2016, the Maldives said that it would sign its first free trade agreement soon, ostensibly with India. A year later, the island country has indeed signed its first FTA, but with China.
A Belt and Road for the Americas?
As Canada, Mexico, and the United States focus on the next round of negotiations on NAFTA, governments in the rest of the Americas are grappling with a more fundamental question about trade. Who will be their dominant trade partner in the future: the US, Europe, or China?
Australia emphasises relationship with NZ in trade plans
Australia has reiterated the importance of New Zealand to its foreign policy direction with particular emphasis on the role it sees New Zealand playing in its economic engagement with Pacific island countries.
White paper not real on rules
The conflict between ‘rules-based’ and ‘US-centred’ in Australia’s new foreign policy road map
The new geopolitics of trade in Asia
The APEC Leaders’ summit meeting, which took place in Danang, Vietnam, crystallized the new geopolitics of trade in Asia.
New Zealand part of mystery initiative at request from United States
New Zealand appears to have joined a mysterious "regional initiative" at the request of the United States, but the matter is being kept under wraps.
Trump’s trade barbs push Asian nations closer to China’s orbit
Trump declared his 11-day swing through Asia a success before heading home, saying that “all countries dealing with us on trade know that the rules have changed.”
Abe, Trump seek Indian-Pacific strategy to counter China
Japan and the United States are sailing toward a joint strategy focused on the Indian-Pacific region as one way of containing the maritime advances being made by China into the East China Sea and South China Sea.
China vigilant about revival of TPP
China is becoming increasingly wary about negotiations over the 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement, which includes Japan but not the United States following the latter’s withdrawal.
India-Mauritius to restart FTA talks soon
Agreement of strategic importance to counter Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean.
RCEP ushers transition to China’s order in East Asia
A new split East Asian order is emerging led by China through the RCEP negotiations and Belt and Road Initiative.
THAAD reprisals undermine China FTA
China has shown no hesitation in disregarding its obligations under the free trade agreement with South Korea to take retaliatory measures against the deployment of a US missile defense system in the peninsula, say Korean media