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NDP: Harper gov’t report on human rights abuses in Colombia is a ’sham’
The New Democratic Party and civil society groups are accusing the Harper government of whitewashing human rights abuses in Colombia in the latest report to Parliament on the impact of Canada’s free trade agreement with the South American country.
EU demands human rights clause linked to economic partnership agreement with Japan
The European Union is insisting on a human rights clause linked to a proposed economic partnership agreement (EPA) with Japan. It allows Brussels to suspend the trade deal if Japan engages in human rights violations
In Colombia, free trade brings more poverty and more killings
Colombian unions and farmers opposed the free trade agreement strongly, and today hold it responsible for increasing poverty while fostering a climate in which corporate rights are paramount and labor rights hardly exist.
EU-Vietnam FTA: GUE, Greens, and civil society obtain partial but important victory for human rights
A resolution adopted by the European Parliament on 17 April 2014 recommended the European Commission address key human rights concerns during FTA negotiations with Vietnam.
Vietnam frees dissidents as it eyes US & regional trade deals
Vietnam has released two more high-profile dissidents, making a total of four political prisoners freed over the past three weeks.
Groups decry ’meaningless’ consultation in Canada-Colombia FTA human rights impact assessment process
This is the third time the Conservative government has attempted to produce an impact assessment of its 2011 FTA with Colombia, as required by law, and each time the final report has been completely inadequate.
Open letter regarding the future trade and investment agreement between the EU and Egypt
In a letter addressed to the representatives of the European Commission, FIDH, CNCD 11.11.11 and Aitec express their concerns on the way human rights are taken into account in the impact assessment regarding the future DCFTA between the EU and Egypt.
EU-Vietnam Free Trade agreement must protect human rights and be preceded by a human rights impact assessment
The European Parliament will vote a resolution on “the state of play in the EU-Vietnam Free Trade agreement”. While not having a legislative aim at this stage, it represents an important opportunity for the EP to formulate the human rights safeguards that will ensure its latter consent, say FIDH in this open letter to MEPs.
FIAN launches international action: TTIP and TPP void
FIAN International launched an action letter addressing the EU, USA and a number of countries negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) asking civil society networks, organizations and people interested in supporting the campaign to circulate, sign and send the letter to their local authorities
The alternative trade mandate
The Alternative Trade Mandate has been developed in extensive civil society consultations all over Europe.
Another non-report on human rights and free trade with Colombia
On June 14th, the Canadian government quietly tabled its second report on the human rights impacts of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. The report avoids any examination of the impact of Canadian investment — including oil, gas and mining – in Colombia.
The EU and Azerbaijan: Mismatched objectives
Brussels wants to diversify its energy resources away from Russia. It is offering benefits such as free trade and visa liberalisation and is seeking comprehensive reforms across a range of areas as a precondition for closer ties. But Azerbaijan’s human-rights situation is on a rapid decline.
Vietnam and FTA negotiations: NGOs urge the EU to carry out a human rights impact assessment
The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and its member organisation, the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights (VCHR), would like to ask the European Union to conduct an impact assessment that adequately encompasses the human rights situation before continuing the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement launched in March 2013 with Vietnam.
BIT claim brought against Turkmenistan following UN finding of human rights violations
Following a decision of the United Nations Human Rights Committee (“UNHRC“) in 2010 that a Turkish businessman had suffered violations of his human rights after being illegally convicted of economic crimes, a claim for compensation is now being pursued under the Turkey-Turkmenistan bilateral investment treaty (“BIT“). This case therefore highlights the interesting interaction between the human rights and investment protection regimes.
Trade agreement with Singapore secret until it enters into force
The EU Commission decided to keep the trade agreement with Singapore secret until it enters into force. With this decision the Commission betrays European citizens and democracy, according to the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII).
Free trade should follow fair elections
Should Australia be signing up, and giving the gift of a Free Trade Agreement with countries that are manifestly undemocratic and authoritarian?
European Parliament approves Colombia trade pact
The European Parliament on Tuesday ratified a free trade agreement with Colombia and Peru despite human and labor rights concerns.
Critics warn of EU free trade deal with Peru and Colombia
The EU is set to liberalize trade with Colombia and Peru. Human rights organisations fear that Latin American farmers will suffer.
FTA: the Colombian road map does not respect EP conditions
Open letter to the European Parliament from the Interantional Federation for Human Right
Death squads, murder and US corruption in Colombia
News broke this week that Francisco Santos, who served as Colombia’s VP under President Alvaro Uribe from 2002 to 2010, met three times with leaders of the right-wing paramilitary organization known as the AUC. That Santos, who openly urged AUC death squads to carry out killings, was the standard bearer for Colombia’s FTA lobbying efforts is emblematic of what the FTA is all about.