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Latin America

Counter-summit: Trade relations between European Union and Latin America
Under the title "Days of Mobilization: Reclaiming Peoples’ Sovereignty against the Corporate-led Trade and Investment Architecture" a counter summit is taking place with many activities on 8 - 10 June 2015, right before the official EU-CELAC-Summit hosted in Brussels this year (10 - 11 June 2015).
China is a “major driver” of environmental degradation in Latin America
China’s increased trade and investment in Latin America over the past decade has resulted in powerful social and environmental impacts such as job losses and pollution.
Ecuador urges Korea to begin trade negotiations
Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino Thursday urged Korea to take steps toward a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with his country as soon as possible.
The current economic crisis presents an opportunity for Latin American Integration
The global financial crisis which persists since 2008 and chiefly impacts the United States and Europe presents an opportunity for Latin America to strengthen its internal markets and develop an integrated economy, says Faustino Cobarrubia, an expert at the Centre for Research on the Global Economy (CIEM), Cuba.
US mulls wider trade pact with Latin America
The United States is exploring the idea of setting up a wider regional trade pact with Latin America, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Dec. 15.
ICSID and Latin America: Criticisms, withdrawals and regional alternatives
Latin American states are the only ones in the world that have decided to withdraw from the ICSID Convention. It is also the only region in the world considering the necessity to find an alternative to ICSID mechanism.
Regional cooperation or ‘free trade’?
Ché Guevara once summarized “free trade” between the imperialist and underdeveloped countries as a “free fox among free chickens.”
New Canadian strategy for Americas expected
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is poised to unveil a reinvigoration of his government’s muddled Americas strategy when he meets with hemispheric leaders next month.
PM jetting off to Latin America to build trade ties
Hopes are high that Stephen Harper can help build Canada’s trade with Brazil, the world’s seventh-biggest economy, as he launches a Latin American tour this weekend.
Brazil, Argentina seek to bring Cuba into Mercosur trade bloc
Member nations of Mercosur will seek to boost economic and political ties with Cuba in a bid to make the communist island an associate member of the South American trade bloc.
Organizations launch a campaign against Bilateral Investment Treaties
Various organizations and social networks in Latin America launched a Continental Campaign against bilateral investment treaties and the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes.
EU-LatAm trade deals dangerous for both sides says José Bové
“I think these agreements are dangerous for South American producers and for European producers. For example, the agro-food industry today wants to export huge amounts of milk, to try to offload surplus; that’s only for its benefit. It risks harming major milk producers Uruguay, Argentina and others.”
Farmers of La Via Campesina mobilize in Madrid against EU’s neoliberal trade agenda!
The only beneficiaries of Europe’s free trade agreements are the same transnational corporations and international financial investors which have caused the current economic, social, environmental and political crisis.
EU, Latam to talk trade, boycott threat looms
The European Union will seek to conclude trade agreements with several Latin American countries and revive stalled negotiations with others when 60 European and Latin America countries meet this week in Madrid.
Peuples d’Europe et d’Amérique latine unis contre le libéralisme de Bruxelles
Le sixième sommet UE-Amérique latine pourrait être boycotté par les présidents de l’hémisphère Sud. En marge de cette grand-messe, le sommet alternatif dénonce les accords de libre-échange et ses conséquences sociales.
Obama urged to move on Latin FTAs
Latin America business leaders and experts are urging President Barack Obama to ask Congress to ratify pending free trade agreements with Colombia and Panama after his State of the Union speech Wednesday pledged to strengthen ties with those countries.
Spain to boost EU-L.America ties during its EU presidency
Spain will seek close association agreements between the EU and Central America, boost trade agreements between the EU and Colombia and Peru and resume talks between the EU and the Common Market of the South, during Madrid’s rotating EU presidency in the first half of 2010
Seoul to tighten ties with Latin America
Korea wraps up today a high-level meeting with representatives of Latin American countries where discussion centered on how the two sides may pursue mutual interests.
Alternatives for the Americas
Alternatives for the Americas is a document of guidelines for making the process of hemispheric economic integration more inclusive, democratic, environmentally and culturally sustainable, and equitable.
Protecting Chinese investments in Latin America
As with Western BITs, bilateral investment treaties between China and numerous Latin American countries potentially protect Chinese investors by authorizing them to bring legal claims related to their investments against the host country government directly and to settle those disputes in international arbitration, rather than in the domestic courts