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A Canada-style trade deal would be a disaster for Britain’s workers
Trade unions campaigned against the EU and Canada’s CETA deal because, although it offers lots of protections to foreign investors, it does nowhere near enough to protect workers’ rights and public services.
Maple Brexit? EU eyes Canada model for UK trade
The European Union is sizing up Britain for a post-Brexit free trade deal along the lines of one it agreed last year with Canada.
Britain faces ‘TTIP on steroids’ as US trade talks begin, campaigners warn
Campaign group Global Justice Now has warned there are just months to stop ‘TTIP on steroids’ as the latest round of trade talks between the United States and United Kingdom governments begins in London.
Trump adviser Ross says UK-US trade deal will mean scrapping EU rules
Commerce secretary’s comments suggest Britain will have to accept chlorinated chicken in post-Brexit agreement.
Britain could join NAFTA if Brexit trade deal fails: Telegraph newspaper
Britain could join a formal trade alliance with the United States, Canada and Mexico if the European Union refuses to clinch a post-Brexit trade deal.
UK to start new ‘trade dialogue’ with Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
The UK´s trade dialogue with the Andean countries will aim to strengthen bilateral trade and prepare the ground for potential future FTAs post Brexit.
It’s time for action
Who’s pulling the strings in our trade deals? Call to action at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester on October 1st.
Brexit bonanza: Lawyers encouraging corporations to sue UK & EU member states
Brexit could become a money-making machine for law firms that make millions when corporations sue nation states via trade and investment agreements.
Canada to model post-Brexit Britain trade on CETA
Canada agreed to use its new free trade agreement with Europe as a template for a pact with Britain after its largest trading partner within the European Union leaves the bloc.
Theresa May heads to Canada to seek trade deal
British prime minister set to hold talks on ‘cementing a strong trade’ partnership with Canada post Brexit.
Western Sahara trade dispute to be heard in the Court of Justice of the European Union
WSCUK argues that the UK was unlawfully allowing products, originating from or processed in Western Sahara, to be imported into the UK under a trade agreement with Morocco.
Liam Fox: We have turned down free trade deals because we do not have capacity
The UK has turned down countries wishing to strike free trade deals after Brexit because the Government does not have the capacity to negotiate them, the International Trade Secretary has said.
Would Vodafone comply with Delhi high court order?
The Delhi high court has passed an ex-parte order restraining Vodafone Group Plc. from proceeding with arbitration under the India-UK Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement (India-UK BIPA). However, it remains to be seen whether Vodafone would comply with this order of the court.
May seeks to preserve gains from EU-Japan trade deal for UK
Prime Minister Theresa May said she’s keen for the UK to keep any benefits from a potential trade deal between the European Union and Japan after its scheduled departure from the bloc in March 2019.
Japan has shot down Theresa May’s hopes for a quick trade deal after Brexit
Japan is currently in talks with the EU about a free trade agreement and has no intention of rushing that negotiation to satisfy the wishes of UK government, the Financial Times reports.
Can foreign investors sue the UK over Brexit?
Foreign investors may have a case against the UK government if profits suffer post-Brexit, says Bryan Cave’s Maria Gritsenko.
Food is at the center of US-UK trade concerns
Since it has been a member of the European Union, Britain has ratcheted up its standards. There’s a Europeanization of culinary culture. And we’re going to see whether it becomes the McDonaldization of culture.
Qatar dispute puts UK-Gulf trade talks on hold
Delay to prestigious London summit threatens UK plans for quick free-trade deal with rich Middle Eastern states after Brexit.
The return of the chlorinated chicken
Britain’s international trade minister who wants to stitch up a deal with the US thinks that the ‘chlorinated chicken’ debate is an insignificant detail and the latest example of unpatriotic treachery by a hostile media.
UK will not accept chlorinated chicken to secure US trade deal - minister
"We are not going to dilute our high animal welfare standards or our high environmental standards in pursuit of any trade deal", the environment minister Michael Gove said after his trade counterpart Liam Fox was criticised for dismissing the issue