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We’re about to sign a deal with Canada that’s just as bad as TTIP and could increase inequality across the whole of Europe
Despite the clear dangers posed by CETA, Liam ’Take Back Control’ Fox has already signed the UK up to the deal, wilfully bypassing UK parliamentary scrutiny along the way.
Brexit and foreign investors’ legitimate expectations
Might Brexit trigger foreign investor claims against the United Kingdom?
The challenges of negotiating a post-Brexit FTA with the EU
While an UK-EU free trade agreement may seem the best way forward, the scope of a comprehensive agreement along with the time and capacity needed to conclude it makes that a difficult sell.
Post-Brexit dreams of empire: arms, free trade and corporate conquest
A new era of corporate ’free trade’ colonialism looms, spearheaded by aid spending, with ramped-up arms exports to the world’s most corrupt and repressive regimes
Churchill Mining’s $1bn claim against Indonesia struck off
A tribunal has struck out a claim by Churchill Mining for damages after Indonesia’s government revoked its licence for a coal project.
The ’Canadian model’: why Ceta isn’t a blueprint for Brexit
Aide’s ‘cake and eat it’ note praised the recent trade Canada-EU trade deal but there are few similarities with the UK.
UK and India sign wide-ranging IP agreement
The countries will exchange best practices in the IP field, such as streamlining the processing of patent, trademark and design registrations.
Peru works on FTA negotiation proposal with UK following Brexit
Peru has already started to work on a proposal for post-Brexit FTA negotiations with the United Kingdom based on the EU-Peru trade deal
Theresa May names India among nations keen on FTA with UK post-Brexit
Countries including Canada, China, India, Mexico, Singapore and South Korea have already said they would welcome talks on future free trade agreements with the UK.
Britain forms free trade group with Australia ahead of leaving EU
The British government have established a working group to negotiate free trade agreements (FTA) with Australia ahead of leaving the EU.
Brexit fuels Japanese worries over planned trade deal
The prospect of Brexit is giving Japan serious cause for concern as its government fears dwindling interest in a planned free trade agreement with the EU.
Norway’s PM softens stance on Britain joining EFTA
Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said she saw some advantages if Britain joined the four-nation European Free Trade Association (EFTA) after quitting the EU
The British service sector: potential UK-China free trade agreement
On August 2, the Chinese ministry of commerce expressed willingness to jointly conduct a feasibility study for a UK-China FTA
UK could clinch trade deal with EU within two years, says expert
The UK could strike a trade deal with the European Union within two years but will struggle to win concessions on free movement of labour, according to one of Britain’s most experienced trade negotiators.
Brexit might trigger EPA revision
The recent vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union might lead to the renegotiation of the recently signed Economic Partnership Agreement, creating uncertainty for Botswana
Bilateral Investment Treaty model to minimise Cairn Energy type dispute: Nirmala Sitharaman
The government on Monday said it has framed the model Bilateral Investment Treaty to minimise Cairn Energy type of dispute which has resulted in demand for compensation of $5.6 billion from India.
Post-Brexit: Pakistan aims for new concessionary deal with UK
As the UK’s referendum on exiting the EU means that Pakistan’s exports will no longer enjoy duty-free exports to the country, the Pakistani government is looking to explore options for a free trade agreement that would allow the preferences to continue.
UK-China free trade agreement of ‘great interest’ to meat sector
A China bilateral trade deal offers "great opportunities" to the UK meat industry, according to The International Meat Trade Association (IMTA).
UK turns to Canada for advice on striking post-Brexit trade deals with EU
Canadian minister in talks about how it secured Ceta trade deal with Brussels, which took seven years to finalise
What does Brexit mean for TTIP?
Far from killing off TTIP, Brexit may provide the boost of political will needed to drag the trade deal over the finish line, and could unleash a wave of economic liberalism across Europe.