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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

France blocks US trade talks, angering EU: diplomats
Paris is especially wary after the failure of talks on TTIP, a far more ambitious transatlantic trade plan.
France conditions support for opening US trade talks
France wants to secure guarantees on environmental protection and access to public procurement markets before moving forward into new trade talks with the US.
3rd international conference TTIP and CETA-free zones
Local authorities, commons and free trade agreements. 29 - 30 March ’19 in Borgerhout - Antwerp.
EU-US trade spat heats up over stalled talks
The European Parliament failed to back trade talks between the EU and the US as President Donald Trump warned of severe consequences if Europe failed to deliver.
US-EU trade talks unacceptable without agriculture, US House members say
A bipartisan group of 114 US House members sent a letter to the US Trade Representative, urging him to “insist on the inclusion of agricultural products" in trade talks with the European Union.
EU trade chief says no support in Europe for comprehensive US trade deal
The European Union will not support a comprehensive trade deal with the United States that includes agriculture, the EU’s top trade negotiator said, so she is working toward a narrower deal focused on industrial goods and automobiles.
The post-TTIP transatlantic cooperation on trade: Stepping up conformity assessment
Conformity assessment cooperation does not imply cooperation on the content of regulatory disciplines, making it a less ambitious mechanism than as had been initially intended under the TTIP.
TTIP rises from the grave?
There should be no trade negotiations with countries that are not even willing to sign up to the minimal commitments of the Paris Agreement. Global commitments towards stopping climate change must come before the interests of the car industry lobbyists.
TTIP reloaded: big business calls the shots on new EU-US trade talks
Corporate lobby groups roam the corridors of EU negotiators working to set the agenda for the talks with the US, while the European Commission covers over its links with big business.
EU committee shelves climate concerns to open US trade talks
The committee of the European Parliament for international trade endorsed opening trade talks with the US.
EU trade with Trump would undermine international climate commitments
Three years ago, widespread protests took place across Europe against a planned trade deal between the EU and the US. It was eventually halted. EU governments are now planning to agree terms to start negotiating a new transatlantic trade deal.
The great transatlantic trade charade
Talks between the US and EU don’t look like they can make progress. That was never the big idea.
Trumped-up: EU-US trade deal spells climate disaster
The EU now imports 112 percent more US soy than a year ago, flooding the market to feed EU factory farms. Bad news for animal welfare, bad news for the environment.
US soy for producing biofuels, an ‘unsustainable’ giveaway to Trump
The European Commission is set to authorise imports of soybeans from the US to produce biofuels. Soy has a comparably bad environmental impact as palm oil, say experts.
EU sets out plans for ’limited’ US trade deal
Opposition by activists has already resurfaced with some warning that "there can be no trade-offs on food standards" in the deal.
US to seek comprehensive agriculture access in EU trade talks
The United States signalled it would not bow to the European Union’s request to keep agriculture out of planned US-EU trade talks.
EU trade chief says US talks will not include agriculture
The European Commission is preparing two mandates: one to cover removal of tariffs on industrial goods and another on areas of possible regulatory cooperation in areas such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cyber security.
EU-US engagement on regulatory issues
Leaked from the European Commission
Why Europeans may not want a US trade deal
The opposition to TTIP suggests that a simple choice between “protectionism” and “free trade” fails to capture the nuances of the European debate on trade.
Trade policy and the case of TTIP
New generation “trade” deals actually have less to do with trade than with who makes the rules, and who holds power over rule-makers.