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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

Recipe for ruin: TTIP - the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want, introduces TTIP, the free trade and investment agreement being negotiated between the EU and USA; talk given to Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique at Café Diplo, London, 4 November 2013
FIAN launches international action: TTIP and TPP void
FIAN International launched an action letter addressing the EU, USA and a number of countries negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) asking civil society networks, organizations and people interested in supporting the campaign to circulate, sign and send the letter to their local authorities
Business groups back Obama on trade amid historic debate
Some of the largest US business groups are lining up behind President Barack Obama to pressure Congress to clear the way for a pair of trade deals that could set rules for more than half the world’s economy.
TPP, TTIP could alter US textile & apparel trade
From the view of the textiles and apparel industries, all eyes will be on whether a yarn-forward provision has been included or not in the final documents.
Open letter of civil society against investor privileges in TTIP
Over 100 civil society groups and social movements from Europe and the USA have signed on an open letter that was sent to the chief negotiators of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership to voice one joint demand: to exclude any Investor-state Dispute Settlement mechanism from the TTIP
A TTIP Christmas wish
The European authorities want industry to come up with a counter-narrative to civil society in what would appear to be fear of an ACTA protest Mk2. This was revealed in a cosy Brussels soirée held at the American Chamber of Commerce to discuss the intellectual property content of the EU-US trade agreement known as TTIP.
Half million Germans refuse to sign FTA with USA
In just five days, 500,000 Germans signed a petition addressed to the European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht and to President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz to halt the negotiations that began in Washington.
Debate over proposed global trade agreements
The pros and cons of two trade agreements in the works, TPP and TTIP, from a US perspective.
EU-US trade talks could become ’another Acta’
EU-US free trade talks risk following the same path as Acta, the controversial anti-counterfeit treaty which collapsed in 2012, warns BEUC, a pan-EU organisation representing consumer groups
Advancing regulatory cooperation in the Transatlantic trade and investment partnership
Position paper from Business Europe
EU negotiators to press US to include energy exports in trade talks
European negotiators, hoping to cut fuel bills, will press their US counterparts in Washington this week on including energy exports in a transatlantic trade pact that aims to integrate two markets accounting for half the world’s economy.
Leaked proposal for EU-US trade deal increases business power in decision-making
A leaked EU negotiation proposal for the EU-US trade agreement reveals the European Commission’s plans to fundamentally change the way regulations will be adopted in the future, says the activist group CEO
EU-US free trade pact cause of concern for Indian pharma firms
There are apprehensions that TTIP would prevent Indian pharma companies to come to market with the same products - they would need to pass through several rounds of additional tests. As a result, prices will move up significantly.
Food safety in the EU-US trade agreement: going outside the box
The transantlantic trade deal’s agenda for food safety if all about reducing hoops for agribusiness. Not only would this hurt Europeans, whose clearly higher standards would be dragged down, but it would affect many other countries’ food producers and consumers, since any deal reached between Washington and Brussels will set a new international benchmark.
Webinar: The promises and perils of proposed US-EU trade deal for food and agriculture
On the occasion the third round of negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) invite you to join them for a webinar on the agreement’s potential impacts on agriculture in the US and EU.
EU brewers want ’unfair’ beer tax removed through TTIP
European brewers last week urged EU negotiators to put a removal of taxes on European brewers, from which their American competitors are exempt, on the table in the free-trade negotiations with the US.
Vatican criticises TTP and TTIP
At the WTO 9th Ministerial in Bali, Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi delivered a withering critique of the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
Farming boss: TTIP must not rock the boat
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership the EU and the US are trying to establish is being called the "mother of all bilateral trade agreements", but negotiators must jump the potentially damaging hurdles of GMOs and hormone-raised meat and avoid rocking consumer confidence in either market, says Pekka Pesonen.
How an EU-US free trade agreement will affect the energy sector
Energy has not been making headlines in the context of these talks, but a TTIP will have far-reaching implications for the energy sector, e.g. with regard to oil sands, LNG and shale gas.