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TiSA - draft annex on competitive delivery services (April 2014)
Leaked by Wikileaks
TiSA - draft annex on air transport (February 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks
Why India is not joining trade in services agreement
Even though India has been insisting on negotiating services agreements in all ongoing bilateral trade agreements, including the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, to tap its rapidly growing young skilled workforce, it has so far desisted from joining a plurilateral trade in services agreement (Tisa) being negotiated among 24 countries.
Stopping the corporate power grab — it’s not all just about TTIP
In the rush to oppose TTIP we mustn’t lose sight of the context in which the deal is being negotiated — the hundreds of bilateral treaties that give corporations the right to sue in secret ’trade courts’.
Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Opponents of the trade deal being secretly negotiated between the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam have moved the discussion beyond its putative impact on jobs and growth and closer to the agreement’s broader ramifications, writes the IUF’s Peter Rossman.
Liberal allies of Obama: ‘Hell, no’ to TPP trade deal
Liberal lawmakers, labor leaders and environmental groups took their insurgency against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal to Congress on Wednesday, staging a protest against the secretive pact on the Capitol Hill lawn and spending the day lobbying lawmakers to derail fast-track authority for the deal.
Joseph Stiglitz on the Trans Pacific Partnership: “This is a big deal”
“The people that are in favor [of TPP] are the people in Wall Street,” the Nobel Prize winning economist told a community meeting in New York.
TiSA - EU negotiating mandate (2013)
As published by the European Council on 10 March 2015
Trade in services agreement: negotiating mandate made public
The Council decided on 10 March 2015 to declassify the mandate given to the Commission to negotiate an international agreement on trade in services.
III Conference of the Euro-Mediterranean network of social movements and entities against the abusive exploitation of fossil fuels: Barcelona, ​​7-8 March 2015
This meeting will enable us to improve the coordination of our European network and study its joint strategy in 2015, a year in which the TTIP/CETA/TISA/ISDS will be on the political agenda throughout much of Europe.
TiSA must include a gold-standard clause to protect public services
European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions pushes for a compromise: a clause which would clearly exclude as widely as possible public services from the scope of TiSA.
TISA: Leaked document uncovers secret discussions that undermine access to health care
A secret discussion note for the Trade in Service Agreement (TISA) – leaked today by Associated Whistle-Blowing Press- uncovers that negotiators discuss reforms to the national health care systems in favour of international trade and the commercialisation of health care.
European Parliament is gearing up for TISA
Overshadowed by the highly mediatised Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) negotiations are moving along, and will appear on the radar this year, promises Luxembourgish MEP Viviane Reding, responsible for the dossier.
Trade In Services Agreement: Goodbye privacy, hello censorship
Internet privacy and net neutrality would become things of the past if the secret Trade In Services Agreement comes to fruition.
It doesn’t matter who does the lobbying: Trade agreements aren’t the place for internet regulations
Recent TiSA leaks show that not just content industry players, but now internet companies are lobbying for their interests in trade deals.
Leak shows: Trade treaty TiSA could undermine national data protection regulations
The secretly negotiated trade treaty TiSA — short for “Agreement on Trade in Services” — jeopardizes privacy protection in international data transfers.
Proposal of new provisions applicable to all services of the secret TISA negotiations
AWP releases a bilingual copy of the Proposal of New Provisions Applicable to All Services and the Annex on Professional Services of the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA).