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Venezuela ordered to pay Crystallex US$ 1.386 billion in arbitration ruling
An arbitration tribunal has ordered the Venezuelan government to pay a whopping US$1.386 billion to Canadian miner Crystallex International Corp.
Venezuela, Gold Reserve to settle arbitration dispute with joint venture
Venezuela and Canadian mining company Gold Reserve signed a memorandum of understanding to settle a protracted arbitration dispute over a gold concession.
Tenaris wins $173 million dispute in Venezuela
Luxembourg-based pipe producer Tenaris announced it won a $172.8 million compensation for the expropriation by Venezuela of Tenaris’ and its subsidiary Talta’s interests.
Oil giants punish Venezuela through Dutch treaty
Venezuela doesn’t want investment treaties anymore if they give investors the right to drag the country before a commercial court. “The system has been set up to break down the nation-state.”
Venezuela loses US refinery as ConocoPhillips ICC award enforced in US court
A U.S. Federal Court has upheld U.S. enforcement of an International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) arbitration agreeing that U.S. oil giant ConocoPhillips has the right to take Venezuela state oil company PDVSA’s 50% stake.
ConocoPhillips files for arbitration against PDVSA for contractual compensation
ConocoPhillips announced Friday that it has filed for arbitration under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce or ICC against Petroleos de Venezuela or PDVSA, the Venezuela state oil company, for contractual compensation related to the Petrozuata and Hamaca heavy crude oil projects.
Venezuela ordered to pay Exxon $1.6 bln for nationalization
A World Bank arbitration tribunal on Thursday ordered Venezuela to pay Exxon Mobil Corp around $1.6 billion to compensate for the 2007 nationalization of its oil projects in the country.
Gold Reserve says awarded $740.3 mln in Venezuela Brisas arbitration
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) determined Venezuela must pay US-based miner Gold Reserve $740.3 million for terminating its Las Brisas gold concession, the company said on Monday.
The Alba Fair hosts Venezuela Exporta in Cochabamba
Alvaro Garcia Linera, the vice president of Bolivia, was entrusted with inaugurating in Cochabamba, the Fair of Industrial Complementarity of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America – a Trade Treaty for the People (Alba – TCP)
World Bank’s ICSID rejects Venezuela "appeal" over ConocoPhillips expropriation
In a 2-1 decision, the World Bank’s arbitration panel has rejected Venezuela’s request for "reconsideration" of its September 2013 finding that it had jurisdiction and that Venezuela was liable for the expropriation of ConocoPhillips’ investments in the Latin American nation.
Alba alliance ambitions lay bare Latin trade confusion
In the bewildering array of Latin American and Caribbean trade alliances, the left-of-centre Alba group is probably the one that attracts the least attention outside the region.
Treaty disputes roiled by bias charges
Concerns about objectivity and accountability of investment dispute arbitrators have prompted calls for tougher ethical guidelines as caseloads have exploded.
Venezuela claims ICSID arbitration victory over Panama’s OPIC Karimun Oil Company
Venezuela reported a triumph at the World Bank’s International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes in a case brought by Panama’s OPIC Karimun Corporation on compensation for losses it sustained when Venezuela nationalized oil fields in 2007.
ICSID: Ruling favours Venezuela and raises doubts for Costa Rica
A few days ago, ICSID published an award rendered last December 12, 2012 ruling on a claim filed by a Canadian mining company, Vanessa Ventures against Venezuela in 2004.
Venezuela joins Mercosur: A new strategic alliance
Venezuela’s entry into Mercosur has had interpretations centered on the economic and commercial aspects, but the most important it is a geopolitical and geoenergy matter.
Icsid: Venezuela with the largest amount of ongoing complaints
Venezuela turned out to be the country with the highest number of complaints filed against it at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (Icsid) of the World Bank, after four new complaints lodged in the days prior to its effective pullout of the body.
Chavez: joining trade bloc a boon for Venezuela
Joining the South American trade bloc Mercosur will be a boon for Venezuela and should help the country’s businesses boost international sales, President Hugo Chavez said Monday as he traveled to Brazil for a meeting where Venezuela will formally become a member.
FTAs signed with Panama, Venezuela may come into force in April
Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) announced Monday that the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) signed by Peru with Panama and Venezuela will come into force in April.
Experts: More lawsuits to be filed against Venezuela in Icsid
Venezuela’s decision to leave the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (Icsid) may lead to further claims against the country in that court, said Diana Droulers, the executive director of the Arbitration Center, Caracas Chamber of Commerce.
If Venezuela joins the Mercosur economic bloc, will it follow the rules?
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez needs to wait a bit longer for his country’s entry into Mercosur, the Common Market of the South founded in 1991 by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Though the group feels they found a procedural move to get around the opposition of Paraguay’s legislature, the move will take additional time.