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Africa & Middle East

Bilateral deal-making involving governments of Africa and the Middle East.

photo: World Bank/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Qatar: US hopes for movement on free-trade pact in ’06
The US hopes to see during this year the beginning of the process to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Qatar, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer told a press conference on Thursday.
Exporters want fast review of Rwanda, Burundi FTA
The government has crossed the threshold in reviewing the Free Trade Agreement with Rwanda and Burundi.
India, Saudi Arabia sign landmark business deal
India bilateral business and economic ties with Saudi Arabia got a significant boost with the signing of the proposed Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement (BIPA) and the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.
Uganda urged to sign free trade pacts with neighbors
Uganda has been urged to sign free trade agreements with Rwanda and Burundi in order to waive customs duties.
Ministry decries failure to benefit from trade pacts
RELEGATION of the trade ministry to peripheral roles in anticipation that the private sector will drive development has made Uganda fail to benefit from regional and bilateral trade associations.
Malawi, Mozambique to sign bilateral trade accord
Mozambique and Malawi are to liberalise trade between the two countries, under a preferential trade agreement to be signed on Wednesday, trade and industry ministry officials said here Tuesday.
Israel, Arab world engage in hidden trade
Staff members at a Riyadh hospital got a surprise when they looked at the fine print on the paper cups they were using.
FTA will open up new avenues: US official
The immediate effect of the free-trade agreements would help unleash the economic potential of both the US and Oman, a top US official said yesterday.
FTA between Singapore and Kuwait "a matter of time" — Tarmugi
The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Singapore and Kuwait is "a matter of time" as there are some outstanding issues surrounding such agreements that would have to be resolved, a senior Singaporean official revealed on Thursday.
US exports to Arab nations may touch new highs
With many Arab nations going ahead with their plans to sign free-trade agreements (FTAs) with the US, trade and industry associations are projecting extraordinary growth in US exports to the Arab world in the years to come.


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