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Canada has signed free trade agreements with the US, the US-and-Mexico (NAFTA), Costa Rica, Chile, Israel, Colombia, Peru and EFTA. It has also concluded talks with Jordan.

The government has also signed an Economic Framework Agreement with Japan and about 25 bilateral investment treaties.

Ottawa is currently in bilateral trade deal talks, or in the process of considering them, with Korea, Singapore, India, the so-called "Central America Four" (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua), the Dominican Republic, the Andean Community, CARICOM, Morocco and the EU (CETA).

last update: May 2012

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Canada and Hong Kong FIPA signed: A boost to the bilateral business relation
FIPA sets out respective rights and reciprocal binding obligations for Canada and Hong Kong, including non-discriminatory treatment, minimum standard of treatment and dispute resolutions rules.
Needlessly complicated TPP rules have negative impacts on Canadian businesses
Canada and Canadian businesses will be left to grapple with numerous different legal approaches and commitments to GIs arising from domestic rules, the various trade agreements, and side letters with one-third of TPP members.
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Free trade? CFIB finds it’s easier to import from the U.S. than to export to it if you are a small business
Suzanne Paquin Leylekian regularly imports materials from Finland, China and other countries with which Canada has no free trade agreement.
China open to historic free-trade deal with Canada under certain provisos
China wants to forge a trade deal with Canada but this will require Canadian concessions on investment restrictions and a commitment to build an energy pipeline to the coast.
Canada is on the road to freer trade with China
“Restarting” the relationship with China is a major economic and foreign policy priority for the new prime minister, says a senior government official.
Trudeau sets sights on free-trade deal with China
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intends to play an activist role in promoting Canadian business and investment with a major trade mission to China and India and a keynote address to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
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Why FIPA makes the territorial government’s hot pursuit of trade with this superpower toxic for the North.
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