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PM Modi ’persuasion’ leads Sri Lanka to rethink CEPA
In a surprise move, the new Sri Lankan government is bringing back the long-pending CEPA with India to the negotiating table after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s "gentle persuasion".
S. Korea, New Zealand formally sign FTA
South Korea and New Zealand on Monday formally signed a free trade agreement (FTA) after South Korean President Park Geun-hye and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key held talks in Korea.
Japan pork group proposes halving tariffs for TPP agreement
Japan, the world’s largest pork importer, can accept a 50 percent reduction in import tariffs to help pave the way for the nation to reach an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a producer group said.
Exploring the state of Kenya-EU trade relations
Christophe de Vroey, EU trade and communication counsellor, is interviewed by CNBC Africa on what has changed for Kenya’s horticulture sector since the economic partnership agreement.
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Trade deal could force Australian Government to spend millions to subsidise medicines, expert warns
Australia’s primary negotiator on medicines for the US-Australia FTA, Dr Ruth Lopert, warns that the TPP could force the Australian Government to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidise medicines.
Indonesia to resume free-trade talks
Indonesia will resume free trade and economic partnership negotiations with important trading partners as President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo’s administration steps up efforts to boost exports amid the country’s economic slowdown.
Transparency in investor-state arbitration
The UN Convention on Transparency in Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration has been opened for signature.
Foodwatch boss: ’Europeans will not stomach TTIP anymore’
The EU-US free trade agreement, TTIP, is a big lie, says Thilo Bode, the director of the NGO Foodwatch, discussing his latest book on the transatlantic trade deal.
Ukraine to sign FTA with Canada, Israel, Turkey and other countries
According to Ukraine’s Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Ukraine now plans to sign FTAs with Canada, Israel, Turkey, Serbia and Vietnam.
China, Israel to begin FTA talks
China will kick off negotiations on a proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with Israel this year, the Ministry of Commerce said Tuesday.
Nebraska farm group rips Korea free-trade pact, says it has harmed US economy
The US-Korea free trade deal, a model for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, has already cost the US 85,000 jobs, according to Public Citizen.
Trans-Pacific Partnership - how do we make sense of the TPP secret negotiations?
Australian television report pits Trade Minister Robb’s words about TPP against public interest concerns over medecine prices, internet freedom, standards, etc.
TDM Call for papers: Special Issue on Latin America
TDM is preparing a Special on Latin America: The topics to be discussed include the following: Disputes Involving States and State Parties; Control of Local Laws and Courts over International Transactions; Changes in Dispute Resolution Methods; Implications of Investment by "Multi-Latinas" and Access to Changing Markets; Regional and National Disputes.
China’s South Korea investment soars ahead of free trade pact
Chinese investment in Korea jumped 374 per cent last year and has doubled so far this year compared with the whole of last year because of the upcoming free-trade agreement between the two countries.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: the dirtiest trade deal, you’ve never heard of
The Abbott Government can still refine or reject parts of the deal that aren’t in the public interest; but without public pressure, there’s little hope of hearing about, much less putting a stop to, the devil in the detail.
Intellectual property issues hinder TPP talks in Hawaii
Chief negotiators in Trans-Pacific Partnership talks failed to iron out differences over the last week, with intellectual property protection on medicines and environmental protection being key stumbling blocks.
Africa steps up dispute resolution
With increased levels of investment into Africa, the number of legal disputes in the continent is also on the rise.
Joseph Stiglitz on the Trans Pacific Partnership: “This is a big deal”
“The people that are in favor [of TPP] are the people in Wall Street,” the Nobel Prize winning economist told a community meeting in New York.
Pakistan refuses to accept US model on investment treaty
Federal Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir Khan said that Pakistan had refused to accept US model on Bilateral Investment Treaty.
New bilateral investment treaty model
The Board of Investment is working on Pakistan’s own template of a bilateral investment treaty, which will replace the existing treaties with different countries. And all the future ones will be negotiated on the new template.