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Malaysia should withdraw from the TPPA, according to CAP
Given the new developments regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Malaysia should withdraw from the agreement, stop implementing changes in domestic laws and policies designed to comply with it and not rush into negotiations with the US on a bilateral deal, says Consumers Association of Penang
Bill English’s Plan B for TPPA a political ‘own goal’ in election year
‘Donald Trump would be delighted! US corporations would get the benefit of all the controversial rules on medicine patents, copyright, investment, state-owned enterprises that the US insisted on without the US have to give a single thing in return.
Surat Terbuka Masyarat Sipil Terkait Putaran Kedua Perundingan Kerjasama Ekonomi Komprehensif Indonesia-Uni Eropa (I-EUCEPA)
Organisasi masyarakat sipil dari Indonesia, ASEAN, dan Eropa menyerukan tuntuan untuk mengadakan negosiasi ulang. Pertimbangan terhadap segi sosial, lingkungan, dan hak asasi manusia wajib diutamakan di atas perdagangan bebas dan pemberian perlindungan bagi industri transnasional.
#StopCETA: Thousands protest EU-Canada trade deal in demos across Europe
Protesters in more than a dozen European states have taken to the streets in scheduled demonstrations against the yet-to-be-approved CETA trade agreement
Groups from Mexico, Canada and the U.S. demand NAFTA replacement
Any renegotiation process must be transparent and participatory, and that the resulting NAFTA replacement must improve peoples’ lives and livelihoods and protect the environment in all three countries.
Call to action! Let’s put a stop to the WTO’s agenda and to Free Trade Agreements and investment provisions!
Let’s build commercial relations that serve peoples’ interests and protect the environment! In 2017, let’s bring the ‘battle in Seattle’ to Buenos Aires!
Primer on EPAs
Under the EPAs, African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries will implement commitments way beyond what they already have agreed to in the WTO.
APC claims RCEP will intensify landgrabbing and militarization
Groups vow not to pass RCEP
MSF press release: RCEP trade deal negotiators must reject terms that would harm access to medicines
International medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), along with other health groups, reiterated concerns about harmful intellectual property provisions in the proposed agreement that would increase market monopolies for pharmaceutical corporations and delay or block access to affordable generic medicines.
Civil society open letter to governments in the 16 RCEP countries
This is an urgent call by 316 civil society organisations from across the Asian and Pacific countries negotiating the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to reject TPP rules in the RCEP
European and Canadian civil society groups call for rejection of CETA
We, the undersigned civil society organisations from Canada and Europe, hereby express our deep concern about the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada.
Demise of TPP celebrated by global social movements
Civil society movements across Asia, Latin America, Oceania, and North America announced that their seven-year strategic campaign had successfully derailed the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Free Trade Agreement EU - Ecuador
Communiqué of the Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity.
Human rights must be integrated into international investment agreements
Human rights NGOs urge rejection of CETA, RCEP, TPP, TTIP, EU-Vietnam FTA.
EU’s EPA strategy detrimental to Africa – ECOWAS farmers
The Economic Community of West Africa States ECOWAS,’ farmers have called on African leaders to resist the pressure being put on them by the European Union to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement.
Dutch referendum petition launched to oppose CETA ratification
Dutch group very similar to the one which organised the referendum that blocked the EU-Ukraine association agreement has already collected over 190,000 signatures for blocking the ratification of CETA, the EU-Canada trade deal.
Primer on RCEP and TPPA
FTAs operate as extensions of the WTO resulting in decentralized and yet intensifying attacks against workers and peasants across the different global regions.
World union meeting unites against TiSA and CETA
Global trade union leaders meeting in Panama have united in condemnation of TiSA (the Trade in Services Agreement) and CETA (the Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement), highlighting the risks that both trade agreements pose to jobs and job security.
Public sector unions to oppose Asia Pacific mega trade deal RCEP
On 12 October, the closing day of the Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Fukuoka, around 250 delegates representing more than 70 PSI affiliates from 18 countries resolved to intensify the struggle against the ambitious Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership under negotiation among 16 countries in the region.